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And The Winner of the 2021 Hoboken Girl Puppy Photo Bowl Is…

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Although it was an extremely tough decision as all of the pups were a 14/10 adorable, our 1st annual Puppy Photo Bowl Contest 2021 has a winner after a long weekend of voting. Similar to the Bucs win over the Chiefs, this pup won by quite the landslide {scroll down for the reveal}…



The Top 9 Finalists were voted on over the last 72 hours, and the people and pups have spoken.

Spuds is a five-year-old Pitbull with a little Bull Terrier in him, and possibly some other breed. He was adopted three years ago down south and was came from an abused home and had puppies at a young age. He loves going on walks, cuddling with his family and friends, and playing with all of his toys.

Here’s what Spuds will get to enjoy with his winnings:

The Prizes

Hound About Town

  • Giveaway Gift and Value: $100 gift card

Playful Paws {712 Jefferson Street, Hoboken}

  • Giveaway Gift and Value: A free groom up to $100

Pilsener Haus Biergarten/Kolo Klub {1422 Grand Street, Hoboken}

  • Giveaway Gift and Value: $100 gift card

Hoboken Jengo {online} 

  • Giveaway Gift and Value: Dog leash, dog treat, and dog fetching stick {over $75 value}

Cornerstone Pets {105 Ninth Street, Hoboken}

  • Giveaway Gift and Value: $50 gift card

The Top 9 Finalists

Bauer, the St. Bernard Mix

IG: @Bauer_TheSaintBernard


Bauer’s owner shared with us:
Bauer is a two-year-old Saint Bernard and Great Pyrenees. We adopted him from an adoption home in KY after his dog mom abandoned the litter. We’re extremely grateful of Bauer, as only four of the 12 puppies survived the illnesses they caught. Bauer loves going for long walks along the water and down Washington street. He knows exactly what businesses are dog friendly {pizza places especially!} and loves all the treats and attention he gets. Waiting on our mailman to bring chicken treats and the mail, and then ending the day at Cork City for a treat is almost a perfect day to him, or Thomas Ice Cream in the summer. Hoboken Pet is his go-to place for food, bully sticks and new toys. He can take you there without evening showing him where to go.

Charlie, the Golden Retriever


Charlie’s owner shared with us:

Charlie is a five-month-old Golden Retriever. She’s a quarantine pup, so she loves that her owners are able to stay home and spend extra time by her side. Her mom is a COVID-19 ICU nurse in NYC. Charlie has been the best emotional support animal anybody can ask for. Her favorite activities are playing with her fellow Hoboken doggy friends, chasing after pigeons and geese, playing fetch, and making strangers smile. Her favorite treats are peanut butter, apple slices, and doggie cookies from Cornerstone Pets.

Dakota, the Mini-Aussie Shepherd


Dakota’s owner shared with us:

Dakota and is an eight-month-old mini Australian Shepherd. I fell in love with her at first sight, and 24 hours later, she became my furbaby! Her favorite treats are milk bones, favorite activity is the dog park, and favorite local pet business is the Hoboken Pet Store.

Eddie, the Shih Tzu Mix


Eddie’s owner shared with us:

Eddie is an eight-year-old Shih Tzu. He was rescued from a shelter when he was five and previously lived in a foster home for a year and a half after his old owners abandoned him at a vet. His favorite treats are beef jerky, scrambled eggs, and his favorite pet business is Cornerstone Pets. Eddie enjoys napping 95% of the day and likes to eat and play fetch the other 5%.

Elsa, the Chihuahua Mix


Elsa’s owner shared with us:

Elsa is a one-year-old chihuahua mix {we think she is a chiweenie} from Puerto Rico. My husband and I adopted Elsa in October from the Souls of Satos rescue group. Elsa was found abandoned at a gas station when a gracious foster momma found her and brought life back into her. Another gracious volunteer flew with Elsa to Philadelphia where we picked her up to start her new life in Hoboken. Elsa loves meeting up with her buddies at the dog park {shout out to Carter and Lilah}, shopping with her momma, playing with her Haute Diggity Dog toys, and barking at any animal on the TV. Elsa’s favorite treat is frozen peanut butter. Her favorite local businesses include Playful Paws for doggy play dates and Cornerstone Pets for yummy dog food and toys.

Franklin, the Basset Hound


Franklin’s owner shared with us:

Franklin is a Basset Hound puppy with a white and caramel coat and big blue eyes. He was brought to his forever home on Wednesday. He is friendly yet slightly cautious and already loves his snacks and short walks. His favorite pet business here is Cornerstone Pets. Franklin loves his rope toy and zippy paws, so far!

Keanu, the Bulldog

IG: @keanuthebulldog


Keanu’s owner shared with us:
Keanu {yes – like Reeves!} is an eight-month-old English Bulldog. He loves to sleep, eat, play with his toys, and wrestle in the dog park. He quickly learned how to give paw and high-five and to spin around for treats. We plan to see if he can ride a skateboard in the spring. He can be a bit lazy so it might be the perfect mode of transportation for him. He loves to say hi to anyone who will give him attention {it’s the only thing that gets him through his walks!}. He rarely keeps his tongue in his mouth, snores loudly, thinks he’s a lapdog, and wants 24/7 love, but it’s hard to say no to that face. His huge underbite is a crowd favorite.

Riggins, the Shetland Sheepdog


Riggins’ owner shared with us:

Riggins is a six-month-old Shetland Sheepdog. He loves going to the Church Square Park dog park and gives lots of kisses to the other dogs. His favorite part of the day is going for his walks around the Mile-Square. Riggins is the sweetest, most loving boy.

Spuds, the Pitbull Mix


Spuds’ owner shared with us:

Spuds is a five-year-old Pitbull with a little Bull Terrier in him, and possibly some other breed. He was adopted three years ago down south and was came from an abused home and had puppies at a young age. He loves going on walks, cuddling with his family and friends, and playing with all of his toys.


Thanks again to all who entered — and stay tuned for some potential additional pup features because we just love them all!

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