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The Pre-Registration Link For COVID-19 Vaccine in New Jersey is Live

by Hoboken Girl Team
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COVID-19 vaccines have been distributed after the last few weeks to first-responders and political leaders. Now, with vaccine sites popping up in every city, including Hoboken and Jersey City, residents can expect and prepare to get vaccinated in the near future. In order to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, you have to register via a form that was created by the State of New Jersey. Read on to discover more about the pre-registration and local vaccine sites.

pre registration covid 19 vaccine new jersey

On NJ.Health, New Jerseyans can pre-register to reserve a spot to receive the vaccine. The form, according to the website, takes about 15 minutes to complete and will determine whether or not you are eligible to receive one.

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Hoboken Vaccine Site

The City of Hoboken announced on December 28th that it would be partnering with Riverside Medical Group to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to healthcare workers residing in Hoboken and Hudson County. Riverside Medical Group will begin administering vaccines provided by the State of New Jersey at Riverside’s medical office at 1111 Hudson Street to Hoboken and Hudson County healthcare workers who fall into the 1A category identified by the State.

Jersey City Vaccine Sites

Mayor Fulop and the Jersey City Health and Human Services Department announced on December 16th that there will be an emergency resolution establishing six vaccination sites to prepare for the delivery of vaccinations. The City hopes to provide immediate access for residents and essential employees. The 6 Point of Distribution {POD} sites will be located in various areas throughout the city to ensure residents have convenient access to the vaccines.

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