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4 New Jersey Dogs + Cats That Need Homes This Week

by Samantha Impaglia
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Meet Baton Rouge, Chloe, Moonie, and Simon — four animals who are looking for their new forever families in the Hudson County area. Baton Rouge is a young and playful Pit Bull Terrier mix, while Simon is an older and laid-back Labrador mix, but eager for lots of love. Chloe and Moonie are two adorable domestic shorthair cats that became besties after meeting at a shelter in Puerto Rico. Read on to learn more about these potential pets, how to adopt Baton Rouge from the Liberty Humane Society team, and how to adopt Chloe, Moonie, and Simon from the Animal Lighthouse Rescue team.

Baton Rouge

baton rouge liberty humane society

Name: Baton Rouge

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Weight: 49.5 pounds

Age: 2

Ideal Home: A active family who loves to walk in the park or go for a nice hike.

Kids: Yes

Dogs: Maybe, she does not react to seeing other dogs.

Cats: Unknown

Crate-Trained: Unknown

House Trained: Unknown

Other Training: Knows sit

Leash Manners: Pulls a bit when excited about an area.

Personality: Baton Rouge is a young, playful dog who loves to play and take long walks.

Why she/he was brought to the rescue: Baton Rouge was found as a stray.

For adoption information on Baton Rouge, click here.

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Chloe + Moonie

moonie chloe animal lighthouse rescue

Name: Chloe (Tabby) and Moonie (white/orange)

Breed: Domestic Shorthairs

Weight: 7 pounds each

Age: 1-1.5

Ideal Home: Active, loving, and lots of Netflix and cuddle time. These cats will thrive in an active home with kids or in a quiet home with a retired owner. They are very adaptable kitties.

Kids: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Carrier Trained: Yes

Litter Box Trained: Yes

Personality: Moonie and Chloe are super friendly, laid-back best friends. Moonie is very outgoing and loves human affection. He is always looking out for his bestie Chloe and helps her come out of her shell. Chloe is very gentle and polite. She loves sunbathing and watching Moonie explore. They love to play with toys and make for excellent couch cuddlers for a movie night in. This darling duo would be a great fit for any first-time cat owner.

Why she/he was brought to the rescue: Moonie and Chloe arrived in NYC from Animal Lighthouse Rescue’s sister shelter in Puerto Rico. They were both found as strays and became best friends when they met at the shelter.

For adoption information on Moonie and Chloe, click here.

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simon animal lighthouse rescue

Name: Simon

Breed: Labrador Mix

Weight: 25 pounds

Age: 15

Ideal Home: A quiet, nurturing, home with lots of leisurely neighborhood strolls and couch cuddles to offer. He would make a perfect city or suburban dog.

Kids: Older kids would be best due to Simon’s age.

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Lots of potential

Crate-Trained: Yes

House Trained: Almost

Leash Manners: Simon is perfect on a leash.

Personality: Simon is a laid-back older gentleman with so much love and companionship to offer. He loves to take long naps in his bed, enjoys going on short walks throughout the day, and will always happily accept a treat. Don’t let his age fool you, he has so much life and love to give, including endless cuddles by your side.

Why she/he was brought to the rescue: Simon arrived in NYC from Animal Lighthouse Rescue’s sister shelter in Puerto Rico. He was dropped off by his previous owners in the trunk of a car at no fault of his own.

For adoption information on Simon, click here.

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