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Pisces Season is Officially Here: What That Means for the Zodiac

by Shawn Engel
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It’s officially Pisces season and this super dreamy time of year, lasting between February 19th and March 20th, is deep and fantastical. Pisces are known for being incredible dreamers and highly psychic, and this season brings that energy to us all uniquely.

Our spiritual contributor, Shawn Engle of Witchy Wisdoms, tells us exactly what we can expect Pisces season this year.

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Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac and rules the house of the unconscious in our chart. Rummaging in the depths of the netherworld, or deep within our brain, Pisces swims in our subconscious waters. Pisces works behind the scenes and has a tendency to want to run away. With its ruling planet being Neptune, the guardian of the spiritual realm, we see that Pisces have a vast sense of intuition, but when not properly harvested, that sense can turn to escapism under all of this energy.

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The element of Pisces is Water, which influences our emotions and creativity. Water is sensitive, influenced by movement, and is sometimes chaotic, which tends to impress on Pisces greatly. While some Pisces may seem lost in the clouds, their ability to create, connect, and see through to the deeper meaning of external circumstances is one to be admired. Much like large bodies of water, Pisces run profoundly deep and can even consume you.

Another detail of Pisces is that they have a “mutable” quality. Of the three qualities to have {the other two being fixed and cardinal}, mutable denotes change, flexibility, and transition. As Pisces main focus is to submerge under the surface, its goal is to come to a conclusion and bring about a new cycle. Because they are the twelfth sign, the final in the zodiac, they hinge on completion.

In the Tarot deck, Aquarius’ ruling card is the Moon. This card signifies intuition and the hidden, but also anxiety, which is what tends to get Pisces in trouble. The feeling around this card is pure magick, but with great ability comes great responsibility. In the reflecting water below the Moon, we see Pisces ability to be the mirror. For Pisces, we must remember to also be the mirror for ourselves.

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The following famous Pisces are obviously incredible creators. Rihanna, for example, gave full Pisces vibes with her hit album “Anti,” and continues to slay the fashion game with her extravagant style and design talent. Steve Jobs, another dreamer, literally changed the world with his vision {you can’t deny that Apple completely changed the game}. And another ethereal Pisces is Erykah Badu, one of the most magickal artists to ever grace the world with her presence.

When it comes to the rest of us, at face value, this next month is going to feel a little foggy. The Sun in Pisces also tends to bring out everyone’s psychic abilities, whether you’re actually a Pisces or not. You might feel a bit more emotional and sensitive than usual as well. It’s uncharted territory for some, do be sure to set emotional and energetic boundaries this season.

If you want to go deeper, go back to the article on the Twelve Astrological Houses and see where Pisces lands in your chart. Then, depending on what central theme that house influences, you can expect to bring some dreamy, supernatural energy into that subject. Happy Pisces season!

Do you have any dream you want to fulfill this Pisces season? Let us know in the comments!

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