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Ozu Foods Has Closed in Jersey City Heights, New Japanese Spot Coming In

by Jennifer Tripucka
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In Jersey City Heights, OZU Foods was a foodie staple that had delicious Asian cuisine in a lowkey, cozy environment. Located at 106 Hutton Street in Jersey City, it was a go-to for locals to enjoy ramen and sushi. But on May 25th, 2024, OZU closed its doors for good, noting a new Japanese restaurant will be moving in. Ozu’s owners shared the bittersweet news about their move to Japan below.

ozu outside

The Announcement

Ozu’s owners posted on their Instagram about the closure and their upcoming move to Japan, noting that a new Japanese spot would be opening later this summer in Ozu’s place.

“We are sorry to announce that Ozu Foods will be closing, as we plan to move to Japan. Our last business day will be this Saturday, May 25th. We would like to thank all of our customers for supporting us throughout the years. We will miss you all.

A new Japanese restaurant will be taking over the space with a late summer opening.

All the best & much thanks,
Claude & Shinako”

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All About OZU

Having opened in the fall of 2015 almost 10 years prior, Ozu quickly made itself a favorite among Heights locals, boasting seasonal Japanese cuisine with an emphasis on healthy ingredients — and some vegan options. Its owner Claude Chassagne was the former executive chef at The Fig Tree in Hoboken and had long been a professional chef. Partnered with Shinako, the duo became a staple in the neighborhood.

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Upon walking into OZU, you’d find a tiny spot with just a few bar chairs and one small table — and in the summer, small tables for dining outside. But what separated Ozu was truly the food and the service, with locally-owned owners that cared about each detail. You could dine in with BYOB, takeout, or opt for delivery. Décor-wise, touches of Japanese culture adorn the walls, with a book for origami and some paper to play, Japanese magazines, and more.

ozu tables

A few photos from past visits:

ozu tea

ozu menu



ozu salad

Of course, ramen was always a safe and comforting bet here, especially if dining in — as evidenced by the beauty below — but if you wanted to expand your palate, the menu had a plethora of options for meat, fish, and veggie lovers prepared in the adjacent open kitchen.

ozu ramen

ozu walls

ozu oragami

ozu plate

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What’s Next for the Space

In their announcement, Claude and Shinako alluded to a new Japanese restaurant opening in Ozu’s place in the Heights later this summer. And just a few days ago, they posted on @ozufoods Instagram that they were searching for an architect for an “as-built plan,” which is a model or drawing showing the exact dimensions and conditions of a building after construction.

We’ll share more about the new spot as more details unfold. Wishing Claude and Shinako the best in their new adventures abroad!

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