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This Orthopedic Center is Hudson County’s Go-to for Bone + Joint Care

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Living with pain from a chronic condition or as a result of an injury can be debilitating, which is why The Orthopedic Health Center provides non-invasive treatment plans to get you back on your feet. This local practice is an innovative orthopedic surgical center run under the direction of noted surgeon Dr. Edward Feliciano. With locations in both Hoboken + Jersey City, getting professional medical help is just a stone’s throw away. Keep reading to learn more about the Orthopedic Health Center and the services available throughout Hudson County.

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Specialized Orthopedic Care Right In Your Neighborhood

Conveniently located at 720 Monroe Street, Suite C208 in Hoboken and 121 Newark Avenue, Suite 300 in Jersey City, Hudson County residents don’t need to schlep into New York City for expert orthopedic surgery. Providing world-class care across the full spectrum of orthopedic subspecialties, The Orthopedic Health Center favors a non-surgical approach to care whenever possible. 

“After exhausting all possible non-surgical options, we are proud to turn to our outstanding orthopedic surgeon, Edward Feliciano, M.D. We recognize that the ongoing health and well-being of the patient often depends upon a surgical procedure,” Connie Abraczinskas, the CEO of The Orthopedic Health Center, told Hoboken Girl. “With advanced training at top programs, our surgical team is well-equipped to handle even the most challenging conditions. Our doctors are experts in a range of orthopedic surgical techniques including minimally invasive shoulder and knee arthroscopy.”

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Dr. Edward Feliciano, M.D.

The practice is currently accepting new patients, and clients can even schedule same-day appointments at The Orthopedic Health Center for ultimate convenience. As a healthcare facility, COVID-19 safety protocols are in place.

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The Services

Comprehensive Orthopedics

The Orthopedic Health Center is fully equipped to treat acute and chronic conditions of the bones and joints, helping patients regain strength and mobility. Director of Orthopedic Surgery Dr. Edward Feliciano is an award-winning surgeon who offers complete care across the spectrum of orthopedic needs, including arthroscopic surgeries. His focused, one-on-one approach prioritizes each patient’s unique needs from the very first visit.

Pediatric Orthopedics

The Orthopedic Health Center specializes in the treatment of bone and joint injuries that affect kids. Children need a special level of care so pediatric orthopedic experts make the entire family feel comfortable and confident as they work to help heal what hurts.

“Our goal at The Orthopedic Health Center is to help our community thrive and live an active city lifestyle, pain free,” Connie mentioned. “Helping our community build better wellness, enjoy life, and do things they never thought they could again makes this job so rewarding.”

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The Orthopedic Health Center is located at 720 Monroe Street, Suite C208 in Hoboken and 121 Newark Ave, Suite 300 in Jersey City. Call 201-596-3730 with questions or to schedule an appointment.

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