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Would You Rather: Fried Oreos or Zeppoles?

by Jennifer Tripucka
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If this church and these decorations look familiar, then chances are you’ve at least perused the St. Ann’s Festival in Hoboken in the past. A long-standing tradition, St. Ann’s festival features various Italian foods, music, and singers for the public’s enjoyment. Tons of festivities happen throughout the week in the streets of Hoboken including a procession through the streets! Among the festivities, there are some delicious desserts that are served – which many people wait in line for a good while in order to chow down on.

Now there are few desserts that are worth EVERY calorie, but it’s pretty much a fact that zeppoles and fried Oreos are among the desserts on the calories-don’t-count list. Both are served at St. Ann’s – making it very tricky to decide which to eat. Therefore, the question must be asked – Would you rather: Fried Oreos or Zeppoles?

Exhibit A: Fried Oreos


It’s only right fried Oreos be a staple in this legendary Italian festival, as Oreos were created in Hoboken after all. These bad boys are a no-frills, classic dessert that consists of the oreo being covered in batter and deep-fried. Some vendors get creative with the toppings – ice cream, chocolate fudge, you name it!

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Exhibit B: Zeppoles

zeppole saint ann festival

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In case you were wondering, a zeppole is an Italian pastry consisting of a deep-fried dough ball or oval that come in different sizes – but everyone knows the St. Ann’s zeppoles are massive and definitely don’t come in a perfect ball shape, they’re messy and delectable. The zeppoles are topped with powdered sugar, that’s all – pretty straightforward. HG Pro tip: Fold the brown paper bag closed and shake your zepples for about 10 seconds so the powder covers all of them before you dive in for that first bite!

Happy Feasting!

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