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Which Banks Are Open During the Pandemic? All Your Bank-Related FAQs, Answered

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Navigating what’s open and what’s not during the coronavirus pandemic can be tricky. Whether you’re in need of groceries or emergency services for your pet, hours are different than they normally are, thanks to COVID-19. Plus, it can be confusing trying to understand which businesses are considered essential versus non-essential ever since Governor Phil Murphy closed all non-essential businesses on March 21st.

Confusion about essential vs. nonessential biz has many people reverting to Google, searching “Are banks essential?” and “Are post offices essential?” {Spoiler alert: Both are considered essential, but some locations may have closed during the virus.}

We know it can be confusing AF, which is why Hoboken Girl is answering all your local bank-related questions — from “Which banks are open?” to more specific Q’s about what you can and can’t do {regarding money} during the pandemic.

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Keep reading for important answers to all your local bank-related questions!

Are Banks Open During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

In the State of New Jersey, banks are considered an essential business. However, that does not necessarily mean all bank locations are automatically open. In an effort to contain the virus, some select locations may have closed, while others may have either stayed open entirely or transitioned to drive-thru services only.

It’s also important to note that your bank’s normal hours may not be in effect. There is this new thing now, unofficially known as “coronavirus hours.” Many banks may have chosen to modify their hours, so make sure to call your bank branch first before stopping by.

Which Local Banks Are Open During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Every bank is different. Some may choose to close, stay open, or to only stay open for drive-thru transactions. Hours may be different, too. Keep reading for information on your bank.

Bank of America 

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Bank of America is now closed.

BCB Bank

According to our Hoboken Girl Insiders group on Facebook, BCB Bank is currently open on 4th and Washington, Monday to Friday from 9:00AM-4:00PM by appointment only. However, if you need to use the BCB Bank ATM, there is no necessary appointment for that.

BCB Bank is allowing withdrawals and deposits, but is only allowing existing customers to open new bank accounts at the moment. BCB is also offering digital services, as well as drive-thru banking and ATM services at other locations throughout NJ.

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Capital One

Capital One has temporarily closed some of its branches, including Jersey City {both in Stadium Plaza and West Bergen}, Hoboken, and Union City.

Use this open bank tracker to find an open Capital One location nearby.


Chase has chosen to close down many of its branches throughout New Jersey, two of which that are affected locally include the Chase banks at 125 River Street and 14th Street and Garden in Hoboken; The Heights location in Jersey City is also temporarily closed, according to the Chase website. To speak to a banker, Chase is offering phone meetings scheduled from the Chase Mobile App or Chase.com.

The Bergenline location {at 4321 Bergenline Avenue in West New York} has three ATMs that are open for drive-thru. The Union City Chase branch on Kennedy {3196 Kennedy Boulevard} is also open and features six ATMs open for drive-thru. While we could not confirm if either of these locations were fully open {as in not just drive-thru transactions}, all Chase locations that remain open have glass partitions inside, separating bank tellers from customers.

Nearby in Secaucus, the Harmon Meadow Chase location is open for drive-up teller transactions only. The branch only has one ATM and is located at 450 Plaza Drive in Secaucus.

Haven Savings Bank

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Haven Savings Bank, located at 621 Washington Street in Hoboken, is open from 9:00AM-1:00PM. You can walk into Haven Savings without an appointment. The bank is accepting withdrawals, deposits, and other transactions, including the opening of a new bank account. If you need to open a new account, you’ll want to go to the second floor.

Kearny Bank

Kearny Bank on Garden Street in Hoboken is currently closed. The North Bergen {8901 John F. Kennedy Boulevard} is open for drive-thru services.

PNC Bank

Both of PNC Bank’s Hoboken locations {at 1145 Maxwell Lane and 111 River Street} are closed. However, various ATM locations throughout Hoboken and Jersey City are open — find a full store locator here.

TD Bank

TD Bank has closed select branches in Lakewood {though the drive-thru remains open}, West New York, and the Hoboken location on Newark Street.

The Jersey City TD Bank at 125 18th Street remains open, however, and all calls to the Newark Street TD Bank are being transferred to JC. The Jersey City TD Bank is open for drive-thru services from 9:30AM-4:00PM. The ATM is open but the opening of new accounts is limited to online only.

Valley National Bank

The Valley National Bank has closed one location in Jersey City {the Marin Boulevard location} and kept the Central Avenue location open. The Central Avenue Valley National is open from 9:00AM -4:00PM Monday through Friday and 9:00AM-12:00PM on Saturday.

The Valley National Bank at Central Avenue is walk-in for all standard bank transactions, but if you need to open or close an account, you will have to make an appointment. It’s also worth noting this location does not have a drive-thru.

Wells Fargo 

The Wells Fargo bank in Jersey City is temporarily closed during the coronavirus outbreak. The two Hoboken locations also appear to be closed.

Can You Take Out Money from a Bank During COVID-19?

During COVID-19, you can still withdraw money from your bank. While different banks have different policies, most are operating by drive-thru services or ATM. You can always make a withdrawal from your bank via ATM or drive-thru. Some banks are by-appointment-only — such as the BCB Bank in Hoboken — so you would have to call in advance.

Most other locations, however, do not require appointments to simply make a withdrawal.

Can You make Deposits at the Bank During COVID-19?

Yes, you can still make deposits at the bank during COVID-19. Obviously, to protect yourself from any potential virus spread, if you can make a deposit via your bank’s mobile app, that is, of course, ideal.

However, if you need to make an in-person deposit, you should be able to do that either through the ATM or your bank’s drive-thru services. Some banks are by-appointment-only — such as the BCB Bank in Hoboken — so you would have to call in advance before showing up to make a deposit.

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Can You Open a New Bank Account During COVID-19?

This is where it gets a little tricky. Some banks are limiting the opening of new accounts to existing customers only — such as the BCB Bank in Hoboken — while others are allowing all new customers to open accounts.

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If you need to open or close an account at The Valley National Bank at Central Avenue in Jersey City, you will have to call ahead to make an appointment.

Can You Talk to a Banker During COVID-19?

Any bank that is open for drive-thru services will allow you to talk directly to a banker. The only banks that are not offering face-to-face consultations with a banker are banks that are temporarily closed and only operating online or via their mobile app.

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