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Online Dating Tips For the Busy Working Girl {or Every Girl}

by Dating Coach Mike
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Mike of EZ Dating in Hoboken brings us some fantastic online dating tips today — for those much-dreaded, usually-not-fun conversations/messages/situations where you’re spending a ton of time looking 

Online Dating to Offline Dating

The most common complaint I hear about online dating is,This great guy was messaging me, he seemed interested, he even asked me if I would like to go out sometime.  I responded with some dates I am free and then NEVER heard from him again.”

Has this happened to you?  I know it has happened countless times to me.  Anyway, what is the trick for women to avoid long drawn out internet conversations that don’t lead to in-person dates? I am going to walk you through the process today:

TIP #1: If you are using okcupid, filter your Search for matches based on match percentage {assuming you answered at least 200 questions}.

95% of my clients have enjoyed going on dates with people they reached an 85% or higher match rating with. I’m not saying high ratings guarantee love, but they are very effective for weeding out obvious mismatches.

Filter Picture

TIP #2: Send messages to anyone that looks attractive to you.

Browse all the thumbnail pictures and Right click (mouse users) or CTRL/Cmnd click (laptop user) thumbnail pictures of anyone that looks attractive.  Open up to 20 people at a time in separate tabs. WITHOUT opening up all their pictures, or reading the profile, we are going to send the following message to all these users {tip 3}.


TIP #3: Get straight to the point by sending a non-suggestive, friendly message that asks for a response.


I hope you are doing well.  How is your week going?  Would you like to grab a drink sometime?



That’s right. You just sent twenty messages to twenty good looking strangers.

And then we’re going to do this one-and-a-half more times until you send 50 messages in one sitting.

Have I made you nervous yet? Maybe even a little confused, like how am I going to find love if I didn’t even read their profiles?!? It’s a great question! And you shouldn’t be! We are extremely busy people and our time is valuable. 

TIP #4:  Do not read online profiles or even look at profile pictures UNTIL you get a message BACK from a suitor indicating explicit interest on going on a first date.

Reading profiles and crafting well written messages is a huge waste of time for women. Why is this?  Many users don’t check their messages, some have already found someone, and there will be others who simply are not interested. Let’s accept this and spend the bare minimum amount of time on prospects we have zero chance of ever meeting. Only once Prince Charming writes us back will we take the time to read his profile and check out his sweet picture from Machu Picchu. If we like what we see, then we’ll reply to his message.

From here, it’s as simple as setting up the date. You didn’t have stress over what to say, you didn’t have to engage in three weeks’ worth of texting that tails off. Nope. You got yourself a date with a handsome guy who’s excited to take you out. What else could you ask for?


Need some advice like “What profile pictures are the best?”  or “What I should write in my profile?” — Great questions.  If you click this link, it will take you to another site where you can enter your information to receive my FREE Video where I will give you ALL of my online dating secrets, including the perfect profile picture, perfect profile, and the data to back up my process.  


Have you sent your messages to 50 people on your dating site yet today? Get to it!

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