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{Non-Traditional} New Year’s Eve Ideas If You’re Not Going Out

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Did the sushi pique your interest?

Ahh, the new year. A time for reflections, resolutions, and celebrations. While some of you may be doing THIS on December 31st at midnight, not everyone is always totally into the bar and club NYE scene. That being said, we saw a graphic recently that sparked the idea for this post:


While not every new year begins and ends this way for everyone who goes out to a bar to celebrate, it’s always fun to explore some alternative options to ring in the new year {if you’re just not into the bar scene and don’t have much time to plan a getaway or something super crazy}. Here are a few ideas:

1. Have a Sushi Party:

photo 3

Robongi…one of our faves. They’re closed for construction but a few other great sushi spots in Hoboken and JC that will make this easy peasy.

Invite some friends over and order all of the sushi you’ve EVER wanted to try {because we all know that sometimes we just order the same ones for fear of trying a new roll and having to be stuck with 6-8 pieces of something we don’t like = guilty}…pop some bubbly and it’s sure to be a fun little evening. Here are a few ideas for sushi spots.

sojo spa
Hello Hydration Sidebar

2. Waterfront Walk:

The view from Stevens...imagine this at night!

The view from Stevens…imagine this at night!

Instead of being in a crowded bar or club, bundle up with a partner or friend, grab a camera, and get outside! If you’re in Hoboken, the waterfront is an amazing place to be. Walk from all the uptown or downtown the whole mile, and see what fun photos you can get! It’s also fun to climb up to Stevens Campus for some amazing views. Yes, it’s going to be 5 degrees at night, but hey, YOLO.

Zap Fitness

3. Laundry and Life Reflection:

This may border on nerdy/introverted/slightly lame, but going through all of your clothes, makeup, and other nagging closets/cabinets can make you feel refreshed, happy, and it is quite cathartic for a new year. Throw out or donate clothes you don’t want, iron your current clothes, style some outfits…sort through cabinets and closets. There is nothing like some peace of mind with clean drawers and closets to start 2018.

Then, grab a mason jar and try THIS activity for 2018:

mason jar

On Jan 1, start with an empty jar and write notes on small pieces of paper of all the great things that happen throughout the year. On Dec 31 open the jar and read all the amazing things that happened to you through the year. So cute…thanks pinterest. Love ya.

4. Game Night

Yes, Marshall & Lily from HIMYM with their couple’s date night fiasco comes to mind, however, game nights can be really fun with the right people. Catchphrase, Scattegories, Pictionary, Monopoly, and Cards of Humanity are top five if you’re looking for some ideas.

6. DIY Spa Night

Invite some girl friends over, get the nail polish remover out, look up some organic face masks to try {egg whites + honey + avocado blended}, steam some hot water to do a facial. Check out Pinterest — so many great ideas for a night in with your friends, or you can read our DIY spa night post here.

7. Raw Juicing Party/Healthy Potluck Recipe Exchange

Watermelon Juice 4

Normally potluck and parties = overeating and eating high sodium and sweets in general. Instead, grab your friends and have a “healthy living” party. Each person makes a juice, vegetarian, or vegan dish {or gluten free, dairy free — whatever you decide on the theme to be} and creates a healthy new dish to bring to the get together. Make everyone bring recipe copies for all. Chances are you’ll find some new healthy food options that you may take into the new year. Check out Healthy Hoboken Girl for some great healthy recipes ideas to get you started!

Well there you have it– 7 alternative ideas for a New Years Eve…where going to bed at 12:01 may be totally acceptable, and you probably won’t have to grab an overpriced Uber to do so {paying 4x the rate}. Regardless, what will you be doing in the last day of 2017?

See you in the new year!


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