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NYC Brunch: Horchata at West 4th

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“Let’s grab brunch in the city!” Sounds innocuous, but trekking into the depths of Manhattan for a mimosa is not always comfy. But now that the 33rd Street PATH is running on weekends {HALLELUJAH!}, there’s a brunch spot you must check out at West 4th — Horchata.

It’s a rather soul-warming experience at HORCHATA at West 4th for LEGIT Mexican fare.

The atmosphere is colorful & warming. Here, you can indulge in the $35 “Chill Out” Boozy Brunch which consists of all-you-can-drink sangria/mimosas/bloodies + food. However! We opted for a la carte…to taste the restaurant’s namesake, the horchata.


This authentic horchata is made from rice & almond milk + Mexican cinnamon. It’s cold & refreshing, lightly spiced & warming. You can even get it with a shot of rum or espresso if you like. Perfect for winter. 😉


The guac at Horchata is fresh & super chunky (yayyy), but beware gluten-free friends! The chips are authentic, hearty, and flour-based. Of course, we then devoured some Huevos Divorciados and the Quesadillas Hongos while sipping on these big glasses of horchata & margaritas. Many of the mains come with chilaquiles, also made from the thick chips, which we love.



To note: the quesadillas are something special…stuffed with fresh ingredients like roasted cremini mushrooms, huitlacoche, epazote (not sure how to pronounce), oaxaca cheese (YAS), and tomatillo-avocado salsa verde. Check the menu for 4 different quesadilla options!

Finally, the Tres Leches De Crepes is non-negotiable. We’ve never had anything quite like it. It’s a tower of fluffy crepes with a vanilla pour-it-yourself sauce that’s way too much fun. YOLO, right?



Where is your favorite brunch off the PATH now that 33rd is back up and running on weekends?

Tell us in the comments! 

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New Jersey native & Hobokenite of 7+ years, Marley is constantly discovering new eats to write about...from Edgewater to Manhattan. Whether it's takeout, wine tastings, or classic Jersey diners, she's on a mission to bring you the best noms our area has to offer. Copywriter by day. Contributor at night. Reach her at marleyltito@gmail.com.

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