A List of New Year’s Day {2018} Brunch Spots in Hoboken + Jersey City

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Even if you’re not celebrating New Year’s Eve traditional champagne and club/dinner style, New Year’s Day brunch is something that EVERYONE should celebrate. So since it’s technically a national holiday, we thought it’d be helpful to make a handy dandy list of Hoboken and Jersey City restaurants and bars that are open for New Year’s Day meals. Whether you’re looking for a hair of the dog Bloody Mary or a BYOB situation OR straight up lunch sans drinks, here’s a relatively comprehensive list of Hoboken and Jersey City spots open for New Year’s Day eats.


Disclaimer: These times and availability are subject to change; we recommend calling restaurants/bars for reservations.


Ainsworth {11AM-5PM}
Amanda’s {12AM-2:30PM}
Anthony David’s {9AM-3PM}
Bluestone Lane {8AM-6PM serving food all day}
Brass Rail {11-4PM} City Bistro {11:30-3:30PM}
Coco Havana {11-3PM}
Court Street {Early dinner 3PM-9PM}
Del Frisco’s {11:30AM-3:00PM}
Elysian Cafe {10-3:00PM}
Halifax {2 seatings: 11 and 11:15AM + 1:45 and 2PM}
Hoboken Gourmet Company {8AM all day} BYO
La Isla Downtown {7AM-10PM}
La Isla Uptown {10AM-3:45PM}
Madison Bar & Grill {10AM-4PM}
Malibu Diner {24 Hours}
Mikie Squared {10AM-2PM}
Northern Soul {12PM-4PM}
Onieals {Lunch starts at 11:30AM}
Stewed Cow {11AM-3PM}
The Shepherd and The Knucklehead {12PM-4PM}

That’s Hoboken, now here’s Jersey City:

Jersey City

Amelia’s Bistro {10AM-3PM}
Brownstone Diner {6AM – 9PM}
Beechwood Cafe {9AM-4PM}
Brightside Tavern {11AM-1AM}
City Diner {24 Hours}
Ed & Mary’s {Dinner starts at 5PM}
Fire & Oak {11AM open}
Hamilton Inn {10AM brunch all day}
Hamilton Pork {11AM brunch all day}
Hutton {11AM-3:30PM}
Iron Monkey {11AM-2PM}
Kitchen Step {11AM-2:45PM}Roman Nose {12-9:00 PM}
Light Horse Tavern {11AM-3PM}
Orale {12PM-3PM}
Patsey’s {10AM-3PM}
Porta {12PM-11PM}
Roman Nose {12-9PM}
Skinner’s Loft {11AM-4PM}
South House {4PM-7PM}
Talde {11AM-3:30PM}
VIP Diner {Open 24 Hours}
White Star Bar {11AM-4PM Brunswick Street}

These brunch and food spots were the businesses that responded to outreach from a larger, comprehensive list of restaurants and bars. We highly recommend calling to make a reservation or inquiring to make sure nothing has changed. But no matter where you end up, we hope it’s a great brunch and first day of 2018!

Haven’t made NYE plans yet? Click here for our full New Year’s Eve guide.

Did we miss anything that’s open? Leave a comment below!

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