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How to Ring in The New Year With a ‘Money Party’

by Hoboken Girl Team
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We know the drill — “new year, new me”. For some people that might mean eating healthy, for others it might mean working out — or even getting better at saving money. If you’re looking to up your finance game in the new year, read on. We’ve got Ashley Feinstein {founder of The Fiscal Femme + author of The 30-Day Money Cleanse} to help us get our money in order in 2019. 

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“This year I’m going to finally start saving.”

“This year I’m done wasting money and will save up for my down payment.”

“This is the year I’m going to pay off my debt for good.”

Sound familiar? 

The fresh start of the New Year is such an inspiring time to make and tackle some big financial goals. Sitting down with a goal book {yes, I have a goal book} and journal to plan for the year ahead is crucial. Unfortunately, every year, despite how excited you are about resolutions, new healthy habits usually waned after a couple weeks — ok, let’s be real, after a couple of days.

One of the reasons our money resolutions don’t stick is that we’re busy with work, friends, family and a million other things and our money to-dos get put on the back burner.  Then they continue to hang over our heads and stress us out.

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One of the missing pieces to actually keeping our financial goals is having the time to show our money some love.

Enter money parties. Yes, you heard that right. Money parties are a time we set aside to have a fun date with our finances.

We have a relationship with money like we do any other relationship. And if we treated our best friends the way we treat our money, they’d be pissed. Imagine if we completely ignored them and then if the time we did spend together was completely stressful.

Money parties are a great solution. Here’s how to ring in the New Year with a money party.

Create the time.

Choose a time and date for your money party and put it in the calendar. I recommend an hour and a half every other week. Make it even easier on yourself and set a recurring calendar reminder.

Set the agenda.

Go in with your to-do list. I like to add mine to the calendar reminder so it’s all in one place. Some ideas…

  • Take a look at your expenses
  • Check-in on progress towards your savings/investment goals
  • Any financial to-dos that have been hanging over your head {finally rollover your old 401(k), cancel subscriptions and negotiate away fees}

Make it a party.

Call it a party for a reason – we want to make it fun. Pour your favorite beverage, put on some music and get cozy in your PJs. Try out some ways to make it fun and if they don’t work, try something else until you look forward to your money parties. In a workshop someone shared a brilliant idea — they love ice cream and will only eat ice cream during their money parties so they really look forward to them.

Reward yourself.

It sounds silly, but humans work really well with rewards. Go out for date night or with your friends after. Watch your favorite tv show guilt-free or hop in a bubble bath. We want to reward ourselves for prioritizing this important part of our lives!

Bring in friends and family.

Accountability works. Just like having a gym buddy makes it fun to go to the gym and gets us there more often, we can have money buddies too! Enroll your partner or friends to have money parties. Invite them to join you or even text each other to keep the other updated on progress.

Ashley Feinstein Gerstley is the founder of the Fiscal Femme and the author of The 30-Day Money Cleanse – take control of your finances, manage spending and de-stress your money for good.  For more, sign up for Ashley’s weekly Money Musings where you get a textbook’s worth of money knowledge in 2 minutes.

How will you save money in the new year? Share with us in the comments below!

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