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New Jersey’s FIRST Mobile Massage: Zeel {Comes to Hoboken}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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If you’re into pampering {i.e. massages} like we are…then you’ll DIE when you hear about this new massage business. Enter ZEEL — a new mobile massage company, that headquarters in New York which has officially expanded to North Jersey.


Zeel came to my house for a massage last week, and I was so excited about it I couldn’t wait to share — even though they are coming to our Hoboken Girl Social on Wednesday, so if you’re coming you’ll learn more about them there, too {plus get a free chair massage}! How it works: it’s basically the UBER of massages. You decide you want a massage, login to the app, and voila! You’re guaranteed a massage therapist shows up to your door in as little as an hour {or later, if you desire}. So awesome.

How it works:

I downloaded the app on my phone {available in the iTunes store}, and then put in my CC info + address/name, etc. When you request Zeel, it lets you pick the type of massage {I opted for deep tissue, 60 minutes, female preferred}. It’s basically just like UBER when it comes to requesting: when requesting it, the app offers the massage therapist that is available/in closest proximity to you {they can come as early as an hour from the point of request}…and you can also favorite a massage therapist so that you can pick him/her if they’re in proximity. So cool! This is what my screen looked like when I picked my massage therapist:

zeel mobile massage hoboken new jersey

What shows up on your screen once your massage is confirmed: 

My massage therapist, a photo of her, and the timing of the massage {see below}. They also ask the user to verify the last four digits of your social security # for increased security. All of the massage therapists are vetted with background checks, hired through the company — so it’s safe {which was a concern of mine}.

Vepo Clean
Harborside Sport + Spine

zeel mobile massage hoboken new jersey

My massage:

Melanie was awesome. She called me beforehand to confirm and make sure that I knew she might show up a few minutes early for parking, etc. She arrived promptly and quickly set up her massage table. All that I was required to have ready were two sheets + a pillowcase {to cover the massage table}. All of the “normal” massage questions were asked – pressure, pain points, etc — and the 60 minute massage didn’t start until I actually laid down {it took about 15 minutes to set up/get ready once she arrived}. 

Zap Fitness

zeel mobile massage hoboken new jersey

^Massage table right in the middle of my living room, NBD.

The massage itself was super relaxing, and I actually ended up falling asleep at the end! Loved it. Would definitely have Melanie come back!

HG Tips for a great massage:

Even though you’re in the comfort of your own home, sometimes it’s nice to get a little more “zen” by adding some ambiance. Close the blinds, light candles, and put on a sound machine {grrrr noisy kids who live above me} — it really makes a relaxing difference. The other beautiful thing about Zeel is that like Uber, it has tip that gets included so it’s easy – no cash needed. For an hour massage, it’s normally $99 plus a 20% tip which is affordable and worth the home visit {especially when some massage locations are that amount or more}. After the massage you can also rate the massage therapist or add them to your favorites!

zeel mobile massage hoboken new jersey

^Couples massages also available, which is super fun.

More About Zeel:

Zeel started originally in New York City as a mobile massage service, but has now expanded to several major cities including Los Angeles, Miami, and now North Jersey! The northern NJ area has over 200 massage therapists in the area ready to schedule a massage on the app — so it’s ready to go whenever you have sore muscles. You can schedule a massage in as little time as an hour or up to a month out — all in the comfort of your own home. Really, I think it’s genius. WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS!?

Get Zeel {right now!}:

Right now, Zeel is offering $25 off your first massage if you use the code HOBOKENGIRL. Make sure to cash in by downloading the app and entering the promo code. Plus, you’ll meet some of the massage therapists in person at our Hoboken Girl Social at Lulu’s on Wednesday — if you download their app {no purchase necessary}, you get a FREE chair massage!


Have you ever used Zeel? What do you think about a mobile massage app?

PS: This post is not sponsored, but the massage given by Zeel was complimentary. All views are my own, as always.

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