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Governor Declares NJ a Safe Haven for Trans + Non-Binary New Jerseyians

by The Hoboken Girl Team
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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has recently taken two high-profile actions in support of transgender and non-binary New Jerseyians. Governor Murphy has announced new state resources for trans and non-binary residents, and has declared the state a “Safe Haven” for trans and non-binary people. Read on for more information about the executive order and new resources.

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Online Portal

On March 31st, the Transgender Day of Visibility, Governor Murphy announced a new state website with resources for transgender and non-binary New Jerseyians. According to a press release from the Governor’s office, the website’s initial version contains information such as how to change a name, acquire legal assistance, obtain mental health and medical support, learn about rights and legal protections, and more.

Transgender.NJ.gov will be launched as a beta version, allowing it to be continually updated and enhanced based on feedback from New Jerseyans and community stakeholders who use the site.

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“Across the country, the transgender and non-binary community often face barriers to accessing needed services. In New Jersey, we must ensure that we are leading the nation by making a concerted effort to streamline and simplify access to important services, programs, and protections,” said Governor Murphy. “Transgender.NJ.gov is a critical step to making information more transparent and easier to access, while improving the delivery of services to this community that deserves full and equal treatment and protection.”

The website was paid for with federal funds from Covid-19 relief.

Executive Order

On Tuesday, April 4th, Governor Murphy issued an executive order declaring New Jersey a safe haven for transgender and non-binary people. According to a press release, Executive Order No. 326 aims to ensure that members of the LGBTQIA+ community present in New Jersey, including transgender and non-binary youth, enjoy equal access to quality health care services, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, and regardless of whether they are a resident of New Jersey or any other state.

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“The Order bars the extradition of an individual within New Jersey to another state for providing, receiving, or otherwise facilitating gender-affirming health care services that are legal in New Jersey, and prohibits Executive Branch departments and agencies from cooperating with interstate investigations aiming to hold someone liable for civil or criminal penalties associated with such care.”

“Under the Order, all Executive Branch departments and agencies will be required to, within the fullest extent of their authority, pursue opportunities and coordinate to protect people or entities in New Jersey providing, receiving, assisting in providing or receiving, seeking, or traveling to obtain gender-affirming health care services.”

A 2016 study on Transgender Adults in the US found that there were an estimated 30,000 transgender adults living in New Jersey.

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