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Free Botox Consultations at Modern Family Dentistry in Jersey City

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Whitening your teeth in Hoboken and Jersey City comes with a variety of questions — how much does it cost? What will the outcome be? The team at Modern Family Dentistry, located at 551 Jersey Avenue in Jersey City, is committed to helping people achieve their smile goals in a pain-free, positive experience. As a new whitening experience at the practice, patients can receive Philips Zoom whitening which provides unbelievably quick whitening results. Keep reading to learn more about the practice + the exclusive offer for Hoboken Girl readers.

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exclusive offer

Modern Family Dentistry — The Menu

The team at Modern Family Dentistry has both cosmetic and preventive dental services for adults, teens, and children. The office caters to families who prefer to have everyone visit the same dentist, and the team will even schedule appointments at the same time for added convenience. The practice welcomed a new orthodontist to the team in April, Dr. Rupali Shah, who focuses on specialized care with Invisalign, braces, and retainers for adults, teens and kids

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Dr. Rupali Shah

“We are equipped with advanced technology curated to provide the most comfortable and precise care for all ages,” Dr. Jen Marin told Hoboken Girl. “Our team focuses on educating patients about the current status of their teeth in addition to exploring preventive measures that can be added to a daily routine to protect teeth from needing invasive dental procedures down the road.”

For patients who are nervous during dental procedures or have dental phobia, nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) and other sedation services are available to make visiting the dentist a more comfortable experience for both adults and kids.

“Nitrous oxide is highly effective at reducing anxiety while also increasing the patient’s pain threshold,” Dr. Marin mentioned. “Patients are welcome to request nitrous oxide for any procedure, including a routine teeth cleaning.”


A Relaxing Experience at the Dentist

Several people on our team go to Modern Family Dentistry for dental upkeep, and since Dr. Ari Crystal is licensed in conscious sedation in the state of New Jersey, it’s always a pleasant experience. This is specifically for patients who are unable to tolerate dental procedures in a routine setting. 

He offers free consultations to discuss personalized treatment options so everyone can have the benefit of seeing the dentist without any of the stress. Trust us — if you’re stressed about dental work, it’s worth a chat.

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Dr. Ari Crystal

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Cosmetic Dentistry: Whitening + Botox

Whitening Intro

Modern Family Dentistry now provides Philips Zoom whitening at the Downtown Jersey City location. This patented technology can drastically reduce discoloration of teeth up to nine shades in one visit. For tougher stains that are deep in the teeth, the practice offers whitening systems that include a take-home kit, to really break down stains overnight.

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Botox for Clenching, Grinding, + More

Earlier this year, Modern Family Dentistry also added Botox treatments to their services, which can relieve pain caused by clenching jaws or grinding teeth in your sleep. 

“We are offering botox treatments to patients who want to do any of the classical enhancements that botox offers but also to manage and treat patients that have grinding and clenching,” Dr. Marin said. “Injections into the large facial muscles called masseters, which cause grinding and clenching, help reduce the force that causes pain.”

These treatments have been proven to reduce soreness in the teeth and facial muscles, which patients often experience when they wake up in the morning. Botox injections can also be strategically placed to reduce migraines and pain from clenching, which we are all about.

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More on Botox 

Cosmetically, Botox can also reduce the appearance of forehead lines, Eleven lines, Crow’s feet, Lip Flip, and gummy smile. Botox is highly effective in reducing fine lines and preventing them from worsening over time. Any patient can receive a free botox consultation with Dr. Jen Marin simply by mentioning it at scheduling.

Veneers + Other Cosmetic Dentistry

When it comes to crowns and veneers, the office houses a complete CAD/CAM and porcelain milling system that provides same-day crowns and veneers. The team of specialized dentists can design a crown and have it made the same day, without sending it away to a lab.

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Don’t forget to mention ‘Hoboken Girl’ and take advantage of $100 off (regular price $575) Philips Zoom whitening at Modern Family Dentistry through Tuesday, November 1st.

Modern Family Dentistry is located at 551 Jersey Avenue in Jersey City. You can call 201-798-1000 with questions or to schedule an appointment.

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