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Modern Family Dentistry in Jersey City

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Raise your hand if you still drive to your parents’ house/home town to go to the doctor or dentist? #GUILTYASCHARGED. If you’re like many Hoboken residents, while you call this town your home, you didn’t necessarily grow up here — so many of your docs are still far away. That being said, it doesn’t have to be like that, as there are many great dentists and docs in the area. Case in point: Modern Family Dentistry in Jersey City.


I visited Modern Family Dentistry in JC recently, and wanted to share about it — it’s a family-run office run by Dr. Jennifer Marin and Dr. Ari Crystal, a husband and wife dental team, who met in dental school at Rutgers. Located at 551 Jersey Avenue, the office is just a short few blocks from the Grove Street PATH. {Fun fact: they went on their first date at Maxwell’s in Hoboken}, and got married this past summer!


^All the cuteness

When you walk into Modern Family Dentistry, you can immediately tell that Dr. Jenn and Dr. Ari put a lot of thought into their office décor, which is a modern, family-friendly environment that doesn’t feel like a sterile dentist office {they really stayed true to their name!}. There are kids’ drawings on the wall, a kids’ area for playing, and bright white, silver, and turquoise décor. If there were a correct moment to call a dentist’s office sexy, this would be the closest that anyone would ever come to it. Dr. M & Dr. C had worked in pediatric dentist offices in the past and wanted to create an office where it was more of a family concept. “We wanted to develop a place where we could create lifelong, trustworthy relationships with our patients and make it 100-percent family-friendly,” Dr. M shared.


The doctors have run their practice in JC for the last two years, and as their Yelp/FB {and now HG} reviews show, they really are a 5-star establishment, catering to customer service as their #1 priority.

Beyond the front desk in each office, there are TVs on the ceilings for patients {how’s that for planning — nothing worse than having to look right over the hygenist’s hand while watching TV to enjoy the show and ignore the fact that she’s scraping your teeth}.


From now on, that’s my dentist requirements: MUST. HAVE. TV. ON. CEILING. Of course, your choice of shows and Netflix are available, so it’s pretty much like being on your couch {just with your mouth open for a bit}. And on the subject of teeth scraping, the dentist dream team has actually employed a “zing”-free scraper which is a cleaning electromagnetic scaler so it’s not as tortuous. “We’re really catered our gear to what makes patients feel at ease at the dentist. We want to smash the stereotypes of going to the dentist.”


For kids, they have a huge prize box as well as other fun activities that calm the kiddos when they’re not big fans of the DDS. One technique they use is nitrous oxide — which his a gas emitted through a special machine using a nose piece, which Jen reports “gives you a little buzz.” While it can be used on children or adults of any age, it’s mainly for patients who have had bad experiences — a calming effect — and Jen noted that it was used for children with cavities 95% of the time.


^A gift from Dr. Jenn — she said it’s her fave floss!

As far as the types of services they provide — it’s literally the entire gamut of dentistry. Ari’s specialty is cosmetic dentistry and treating dental-phobic patients, while Jen focuses on other areas, but the situations run from general dentistry and hygiene services to implants, denture repair, and root canals. For the accident-prone, they offer 24-hour tooth repair services for patients on record {key if you’re into Zog or any other intramural sports…}. Invasalign and other orthodontic services are provided for kids and adults alike, with an orthodontist [Dr. Maria Cecilia Duprat] on staff select days of the week. The docs are also all certified in sedation to help cater to each individuals needs — which is especially helpful for those who are really uncomfortable with dental work.


Chatting with the docs in their office, it was clear to see that their number one priority is patient happiness. And their happiness is pretty infectious. Loves it.

If you’re trying to get in and get that toothache checked or nagging cavity filled, Modern Family Dentistry’s office hours are Monday and Tuesday from 830AM-7PM,
Thurs 830AM-6PM, 830AM-530PM Fridays, and select Saturdays from 8PM-2PM. On Wednesdays, the orthodontist is in.

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No matter your dental needs, it’s clear that Dr. Jenn and Dr. Ari are masters of their craft and really want the dentist to be an enjoyable experience. Imagine that!?



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