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24-Hour Chase for Milo, the Hoboken Rescue Pup from Puerto Rico, Has Happy Ending

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Best news of 2020 — after a harrowing 24+ hours trying to locate Milo, a Hoboken rescue dog, there is a happy ending. He has been found!

Yesterday afternoon, dog walker Will Ferman posted that Milo, a timid rescue dog and client of his, was missing.

milo rescue dog hoboken

“Milo one of my dog walking clients got away from his owner uptown. If you spot him do not chase. Please call (201) 707-4362,” he posted in the Hoboken Girl Insider’s Group on Facebook.

Milo slipped his collar while walking with his mom. Quite recently, he had moved to Hoboken —having been saved from the streets in Puerto Rico by the Souls of Satos, a non-profit that is dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned dogs in PR.

What transpired after that was nothing short of remarkable. Residents from all areas of Hoboken took to the streets to search for the missing pup, who would repeatedly be spotted but would run quickly away.  He was spotted everywhere from the Hoboken 14th Street viaduct to downtown on Bloomfield to the bus depot.

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“Do not chase,” his dog walker shared, noting that as a rescue pup he was quite frightened and was used to running on the streets so wouldn’t respond well to yelling or chasing. Many residents spotted Milo, but he easily slipped their grasp or bolted away even when they had food and treats out.

Residents kept active — searching through the night — DMing our team on Instagram and Facebook to update on Milo’s whereabouts, all the way until around 4:15PM on Tuesday, the 17th, when residents named Heather Michelle + Kevin Costello posted in the Hoboken Dog Lovers group that they had finally caught him.

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milo rescue pup

The community truly came together to find this sweet boy, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

milo hoboken dog rescue

milo rescue dog hoboken

^Milo with one of his rescuers, via Hoboken Dog Lovers FB Group

And now that Milo’s truly taken the town by storm, we hope that Hoboken’s newest resident now knows his way through Mile Square better than any other new resident — and can tell us where the best mutz + other local gems are!

milo dog rescue hoodie

To support Souls of Satos Dog Rescue Group, you can purchase a unisex hoodie with milo’s face and a Hoboken landscape for $35. Purchase your hoodie here.

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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your new family, sweet boy <3.

milo rescue dog hoboken

^Milo reuniting with his mom, Debra, via Hoboken Dog Lovers FB Group

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