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Microblading at The Art of the Arch {by Noel Hingston}

by Tamara
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Achieving that eyebrows on fleek look isn’t easy with so many different methods and tools on the market, but the latest craze taking over Instagram, called microblading, is a sure way to get that “woke up like dis” face. Lucky for you, we’ve got a microblading genius close to home: meet Noel Hingston, Hoboken resident, eyebrow queen, and the face behind The Art of The Arch, a new Microblading spot that opened recently in Edgewater at 235 Old River Road. {Plus, we’re giving away a FREE microblading appointment on our Insta — see below for how to enter!}


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With 10 plus years under her belt as a licensed aesthetician, it’s more than safe to say you’re in good hands with Noel, especially when it comes to a trend that is new, and possibly intimidating. In case you’re not familiar, microblading combines the art and the science of manually adding hand-drawn, thin hair-like strokes that blend seamlessly and mimic naturally full, believable brows {for those of us who survived the ’90s and ’00s, but have the sparse eyebrows to prove it, keep reading}. Long story short: microblading is a non-permanent cosmetic tattoo. Still confused? Scroll down for more.


Noel’s certified not just in microblading, but also lash extensions, makeup, and more {as you can see for yourself above!}^

Since we are pretty new to the world of microblading ourselves, we sat down with Noel to discuss more of the process and what to expect.

The microblading process


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First things first, Noel starts by sanitizing and preparing your skin. Then, she draws out the ideal anatomical brow shape and cleans up any unwanted hairs that fall outside of the lines she creates. Patch testing is done while the numbing agent is on brow area, which allows her and the client to commit to the ideal color and to rule out any risk of allergic reaction. After this step, she applies the topical anesthetic and waits about 20 minutes before it’s time to tattoo, which takes about 15-30 minutes depending on the desired thickness or hair strokes needed.

Who is a candidate for microblading?


So many brow styles, so little time…

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People suffering from Alopecia or any other condition that causes hair loss, like cancer and chemotherapy, as well as people who are simply unhappy with their eyebrows, greatly benefit from microblading. Bottom line: if you have any brow concerns, Noel’s your brow magician.

How much does it cost?

One session costs $800 {#worthit} and includes a complimentary touch-up within five weeks of the first appointment. On average, Microblading goes for $600 to $1500 in the area, FYI. In general, Noel recommends getting touch-ups twice a year to keep the lines fresh and crisp for all those selfies.

Noel’s eyebrow mantra:

Like many people, Noel has gone through many career hoops in the beauty world, but at the end of the day, she’s always had an appreciation for a really good brow. So it should come to no surprise that her favorite quote is, “Your eyebrows speak louder than words,” because the first thing you notice is someone’s eyes and brows. Ain’t that the truth guuuuurl.


^Noel in her eyebrow heaven = microblading of course!

To put it simply: the eyebrow is the focal point on the face. It provides protection against sweat and other foreign matter from falling into your eyes. Brows are also important to human communication and facial expression. Whether you’re a nonconformist, sexy, tired. surprised, sad, angry, confused, or ’90s, they speak without using words. Because people have been shaving, plucking, and painting smudge-like ones on their foreheads since the 8th century, it seems we know the importance of the mighty BROW, but may not know how to achieve the most attractive ones for our own faces. Thanks to modern technology, Microblading’s got our backs {or our brows?}.


What’s a typical day look like?

On a typical day, Noel needs just 30 minutes to prep before her first appointment. As a one-woman-show, she’s usually booked back-to-back with no scheduled “break” time, so the hustle is real. On average, new clients take about two hours and touch-ups are on average one hour. Currently she works part time two days a week, so you’ll definitely need to book in advance.


Why she’s located in Edgewater and not Hoboken:

Sadly, microblading is banned in Hoboken {due to a law made in 1985 that no more tattoo businesses could exist in the town of Hoboken — crazy, HUH?!}. Even though there are many differences between microblading and permanent tattoos, the town still recognizes it as “tattooing,” according to Noel and it stands that microblading is “illegal” in the mile square. SO, that’s why her business is inside of a medical building in Edgewater {but she’s not opposed to Hoboken if the law changes, especially since she’s a Hoboken resident!}.

And now, the {extra} good stuff: FREE microblading for one lucky HG reader/IG follower:

Here’s how to enter through our Insta @HobokenGirlBlog {deadline is Friday, July 14th at 11:59 pm}:

  1. Like the post

  2. Follow @hobokengirlblog and @theartofthearch

  3. Tag 3 friends in the comments under the giveaway post

…And now you’re one step closer to being a brow goddess! Winner will be announced Saturday, July 15th via the comments on IG.

Can’t wait to see if you’ve won on Insta? Head to our deals directory here to get $100 off your microblading session with Noel! 

To schedule an appointment with Noel, you can go online here to book. Make sure to mention HG!

The Art of the Arch Hours: 

Tuesday: 5-9

Saturday: 10-6

Address: 235 Old River Road, Edgewater {inside the One Hudson Medical Building}

Phone: 973.715.5152

Have you visited Noel or gotten microblading? Share your experience below! 

This post is sponsored, but Noel is the coolest — and microblading really does work wonders for the bad decisions we made in the ’90s and ’00s. xo

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