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Lukin Center to Host Virtual Event on Understanding OCD

by Hoboken Girl Team
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We all know that mental health is just as important as physical health and key to our overall well-being. As a way to celebrate mental health, OCD Week is recognized in October every year in order to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues as well as debunk some of the myths related to OCD. During this time, individuals, community groups, and clinics pause to educate, fundraise, and raise awareness about mental health. One local clinic joining the conversation this month is Lukin Center for Psychotherapy, a family-owned psychotherapy practice with offices in Hoboken, Jersey City, Ridgewood, Englewood, Montclair, and Westfield. The practice provides compassionate, high-quality, evidence-based therapy and treats patients of all ages with an individualized approach. Keep reading to learn more about the upcoming Instagram Live and the mental health services available at the Lukin Center.

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Instagram Live Event with Lukin Center

In honor of International OCD Awareness Week, Lukin Center for Psychotherapy will be hosting an Instagram Live on Thursday, October 27th at 7PM. The live event will feature a few OCD specialists from the center who will talk about what OCD may look like plus treatment options provided by Lukin Center therapists.

“The community can join the Instagram Live via @LukinCenter and comment on the Instagram posts to ask direct questions that we will do our best to answer,” Ami Kang, the Creative Director at Lukin Center, told Hoboken Girl. “The full Live will be posted on the account afterwards for anyone who missed it. We want to encourage everyone to take care of their mental health — and awareness is a key step for access to help.”

Gabrielle Milani, Director of Clinical Outreach and Engagement at Lukin Center, will host the conversation with OCD specialists Konstantin Lukin, Ph.D.; Gabrielle Ferrara, LCSW; and Victoria Wacha, Ph.D. 

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Understanding OCD

According to the experts at Lukin Center, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is more serious than being stressed about organization or germs, which is how it is often popularly mischaracterized. In reality, OCD refers to recurring thoughts and fears that cause you to perform certain behaviors over and over again. Both the thoughts and behaviors can feel out of control and can interfere significantly with daily activities. Symptoms of OCD can range from repeated checking and compulsive counting to unwanted or disturbing thoughts.

At Lukin Center, treatment is tailored to your symptoms and your experience. The qualified therapists can help you with focused interventions, concrete goals, and proven treatment options to help you find relief from your OCD symptoms and live your life the way you want to. As one of the largest mental health therapy practices in Northern New Jersey, Lukin Center gives you access to more highly trained therapists and a broader range of specialties — so you can get the help you need.

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About the Clinic

In 2014, the Lukin Center first opened its doors in Hoboken and in recent years has expanded to include six other locations. The center was founded by Dr. Konstantin Lukin, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist who personally matches every patient with the clinician who possesses the right mix of skills, training, and personality for the best outcomes possible. This facilitates the development of a meaningful, productive rapport with a professional you can like and trust.

Lukin Center is hosting a book giveaway this month dedicated to OCD awareness. The winner will receive a copy of the book, “Everything Is an Emergency: An OCD Story in Words & Pictures” by Jason Adam Katzenstein. All you have to do to enter is tag two people in the comment section and make sure they follow Lukin Center on Instagram.

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Don’t forget to mention ‘Hoboken Girl’ to receive a free phone consultation with Dr. Lukin.

Lukin Center has two locations in Hudson County at 80 River Street, Suite 302 in Hoboken, and 277 Grove Street, Suite 202 in Jersey City. Follow Lukin Center Psychotherapy on Instagram at @LukinCenter to join the live event on Thursday, October 27th. You can call  201-409-0393 with questions or reach out via drlukin@lukincenter.com to schedule an appointment.

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