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All About Casa de Lobo: A Members-Only Restaurant in Jersey City

by Stephanie Spear
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Casa de Lobo, located at 475 Washington Boulevard in Jersey City, is unlike anything Hudson County has ever seen. And that’s exactly what the owner and Hoboken native Cesar Alvarez had in mind. Casa de Lobo is a members-only restaurant serving Latin-inspired tapas and large plates. The Hoboken Girl caught up with Cesar to learn more about this Jersey City newcomer. Read on for more info about Casa de Lobo in Jersey City.

About Cesar

Casa de Lobo owner Cesar Alvarez is all about Hudson County. “I was born in Hoboken and grew up in North Bergen,” he said.  “I love Hoboken, I love to hang out there.” Cesar’s hometown pride was a major driving force in his desire to create Casa de Lobo. “I wanted something that would be as special as Hudson County,” he said. “When people want to celebrate something special or have a big night out, they go into NYC. I wanted to have something here that would showcase New Jersey.”


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The space at 475 Washington Boulevard had previously been home to VB3 Pizzeria, where Cesar worked since 2013. The space has been completely renovated. “I designed the interior myself,” Cesar said. “I’ve had a vision this whole time, and it turned out beautifully.”

Members Only

Cesar says that the members-only concept is meant to protect the carefully curated vibe at Casa de Lobo. “We are trying to create a safe home, for people, a beautiful place,” he said. “People make friends there immediately, singing along to songs. The vibe is unmatched, energy is so positive that is why we are different.”

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The application process for both memberships is the same. Potential members reach out to Casa de Lobo via its social media, @casadelobojc, and membership manager Ellie handles the screening process.

There are two tiers of membership available. The first is the invitational membership, which is open to everyone. “It costs nothing, and it gets you a table, even if you didn’t have a  reservation that night,” Cesar said. Members can also book a table for non-members.


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The second tier is the VIP membership, which has an annual fee of $1000. “VIP members get access to things that we don’t publicize,” Cesar said. “They get personalized invitations to things like special events, celebrity appearances, guest chefs, things like that.”

“We know people are interested and want to come in. But we’re not open to the public,” Cesar said.  “We know what we’ve created. We know the people who are in there, how they feel about the place. People are always thanking us, saying that this place is special, it’s something that Jersey needed.”

All members get their membership confirmation via email, and Cesar said that the team is working on getting actual membership cards.

What to Expect

The music is focused on 90s and early 2000s hits, with an emphasis on R&B. “I wanted a nostalgic vibe,” Cesar said.

The space opened in February, and  Cesar says it’s been a blast. “people are already booking events here for the fall,” he said. “They want to host their birthday party here.”


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Both of the Chefs on staff are well-known. New Jersey native Chef Darryl Harmon is a frequent guest on the Food Network and has won several industry awards. Chef Rudy Straker is a personal chef to many professional athletes, and both men have worked in high-profile venues worldwide.

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The menu has small plates, large plates, desserts, and a robust cocktail menu. There is a definite Latin flair to things, with an emphasis on premium ingredients.

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