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Mathnasium Opens New Location in Downtown Hoboken

by Sammi Caramela
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In a classroom full of children with different learning needs and strengths, it’s easy for some kids to fall behind and require more attention. A successful curriculum merges instructional methods with a personalized, dedicated approach – which is exactly what you can expect from the experts at Mathnasium of Hoboken. Located at 336 Park Avenue, Mathnasium instructors foster personal connections with students while still providing a tested, proven, and effective math curriculum. Kids can learn the foundational knowledge necessary to thrive in mathematics and experience the same individual attention they’d receive from a tutor. Read on to learn all about Mathnasium of Hoboken’s membership options, tutoring, and its new Hoboken location (+ an exclusive offer for HG readers.)

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All About Mathnasium

In addition to math help, Mathnasium also provides test prep and SAT prep, after-school programs to help students catch up with age-appropriate math curriculums. Mathnasium of Hoboken’s instructors are required to pass a rigorous entrance exam and background checks, as well as attend training courses, to prepare for teaching. They prioritize “true understanding” by meeting students where they are and creating customized learning plans to support math enrichment. Because kids can often feel discouraged when they don’t understand a certain lesson, Mathnasium staff strives to instill confidence in their students while making the lessons fun and lighthearted.

“Our method is consistent, our staff is exceptional, and the results are transformative — families will see measurable changes in attitude, confidence, and school progress,” owner Matthew Schiumo told The Hoboken Girl.

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The Future of Mathnasium of Hoboken + the New Location

Previously located on Washington Street, Mathnasium of Hoboken recently opened its new location at 336 Park Avenue — and it is just one of over 1100 Mathnasium locations worldwide. The franchise has more than 20 years of proven success and continuous growth.

When Mathnasium of Hoboken moved from its old location, it also underwent a change in leadership and now operates under new ownership with Schiumo. Before becoming one of the highest-achieving students in a competitive Electrical Engineering program at NJIT, Schiumo was once a struggling math student himself. This helped him cultivate a deep understanding of and empathy for his students.

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“The best part of running this business is watching the students gain confidence and enjoyment in math,” he said. “Witnessing a child have that ‘Aha!’ moment is truly a moment I treasure and am always excited about. It is the moments when you watch a complicated subject make sense to a student that makes all the hard work worth it.”

Going forward, Schiumo hopes to develop Mathnasium of Hoboken into a successful asset to its community.

“I want to be a resource for all of the students in Hudson County, whether the child is struggling with math or looking for an enrichment program to be challenged,” he shared. “Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.”

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The Mathnasium Approach

To ensure a customized experience and education for every child, Mathnasium of Hoboken instructors carefully assess new students so they can better understand each individual’s strengths and weaknesses to provide the best math tutoring possible. From there, instructors develop and implement a “personalized and prescriptive learning program” for each student. To ensure the students are progressing properly, the teachers will re-assess the effectiveness of the plans and make any necessary tweaks.

In addition to personalized math programs, Mathnasium curates its own curriculum and homework to help students in kindergarten through 12th grade with effective math education.

Currently, Mathnasium of Hoboken has two membership options: a 6-month membership and a 12-month membership, both of which allow for 2-3 weekly visits. Sessions last for an hour and address the student’s individualized needs by encouraging them, building their confidence in the subjects they struggle with most, and making math fun for all.

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Don’t forget, mention ‘Hoboken Girl’ to receive one month free when you enroll your child into a 12-month program. Valid through July 2023.

Mathnasium of Hoboken is located at 336 Park Avenue in Hoboken. For any client inquiries, call 201-986-8080 or email Hoboken@Mathnasium.com.

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