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Mangiamo! Hoboken: Dino and Harry’s {Gluten Free Eats}

by Mangiamo Hoboken
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Guest Blogger and Hoboken resident Val of Mangiamo Hoboken is back with another gluten free dining out experience on HobokenGirl –all the way uptown! Val is exploring Hoboken as a gluten-free newbie; click here read all about her gluten free adventures:


I have dined at Dino & Harry’s a handful of times. My most memorable experience was sitting at a table next to Eli Manning and his family —  including his just as famous father, Archie. Although I am an Eagles fan (I know, highly frowned upon in this town), I must say I was definitely starstruck.

Dino & Harry’s has that old school restaurant feel with the cherry bar, the tiled floors and the grand piano right when you walk in. Established in 1991, this place has become one of the top steak houses in Hoboken and throughout New Jersey. It’s a favorite among locals, sports players and out of town guests.

My uncle was in town over the holidays and I brought him to Dino and Harry’s for what I knew would be an incredible meal. I love this place for their gluten free options and the friendliness of the staff. We started our dinner with a bottle of Lopez Noceti 1919 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Lopez Nocetti 1919 Cabernet Sauvignon

Our waitress was extremely accommodating about my gluten intolerance. I asked her about several items on the menu, including the lamb chops, scallops, and grilled chicken. She said they were all gluten free, but double checked with the chef. This is always exceptional customer service to me. I have dined at places where my waiter or waitress does not know if an entree is gluten free and they do not take the time to find out. So I definitely appreciated this from our waitress.

I ended up ordering the Pan Roasted Sea Scallops with cauliflower puree, asparagus and a tarragon caper sauce. Cauliflower purees are a very popular dish right now. It’s not as filling as potatoes but still gives the illusion of it and can be seasoned the same. My scallops were incredibly fresh and cooked to perfection – they honestly melted in my mouth. I absolutely love capers and to incorporate the slightest hint of the anise-flavor of the tarragon really enhanced the scallops. The grilled asparagus were seasoned with just some olive oil and salt and cooked al dente.


My uncle ordered the lamb chops – three to be exact. These were not baby lamb chops by any means. They were broiled and served with mint jelly. Lamb chops are best cooked medium rare to medium and these were simply seasoned with salt, black pepper and then broiled. Unbelievable is all I have to say! If I weren’t full from my meal, I would have definitely eaten the rest of the lamb chops.


Another great feature about Dino and Harry’s is the live piano music. It really adds to the ambiance of the restaurant, giving it that “homey” feel and making dining there more enjoyable.

I look forward to dining there again soon. Ci vediamo, Mangia bene, Hoboken!

Dino & Harry’s is located at 14th Street and Garden. For more information, click here!


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