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These 4 Pups are Looking For Forever Homes in North Jersey

by Danielle Farina
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Meet Alfalfa, a Maltese/Poodle; Margaret, a Beagle; Argento, a miniature Poodle; and Lukas, a Lab mix. These four dogs are looking to find their forever homes in the North Jersey area. While each of these adorable pups may have different personalities, they are all looking for a family to make memories with for years to come. Read on to learn more about these furry friends and how to adopt them from WISE Animal Rescue and Animal Lighthouse Rescue.


WISE Animal Rescue

Name: Alfalfa

Breed: Maltese/Poodle

Age: 5 months

Ideal Home: Alfalfa is very young and is looking for a home with people that are home more often than not to spend time playing and training him. He would do best in a home with another adult dog. Alfalfa is a bit timid and needs a patient owner who will build his confidence.

Kids: 13+

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Unknown

Crate-Trained: Working on it

House Trained: Working on it

Other Training: As Alfalfa is very young, his forever home must be experienced and ready to put him through training so he can become the well-behaved adult we know he can be.

Personality: Alfalfa is a sweet boy — he’s a little shy in the beginning but warms up pretty fast. He loves to cuddle with humans and other dogs as well.

Why she/he was brought to the rescue: Alfalfa was rejected by a pet shop and was to be returned to the mill where he was destined to be destroyed. WISE wasn’t going to let that happen and took her into our program.

For Alfalfa’s adoption information, click here.

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WISE Animal Rescue

Name: Margaret aka Maggie

Breed: Beagle

Age: 9

Ideal Home: Maggie would love a home where her people are almost always home. She needs a patient, loving household that will make up for the years of solitude she experienced.

Kids: 10+

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Unknown

Crate-Trained: Maggie is okay in the crate, but much prefers her secret spot in the closet that’s full of comfy blankets.

House Trained: Yes

Leash Manners: Maggie initially pulls on a leash, then settles down, and loves sniffing as well as going for walks.

Other Training: Maggie is treat-motivated and eager to learn — for a tasty snack.

Personality: After a life stuck in a cage, bred over and over again without human contact, Maggie is finally coming out of her shell in her foster home. She craves the love and attention she never received and is slowly learning how wonderful life can be. She is a low-energy dog who is happy to snuggle up on the couch with you, once she learns to trust.

Why she/he was brought to the rescue: WISE recently rescued a group of dogs who were throwaways from an Amish breeding puppy mill. When the “breeder” decided that the dogs were no longer needed for breeding, he planned to euthanize them. WISE and other rescues stepped up to rescue them.

For Margaret’s adoption information, click here.


WISE Animal Rescue

Name: Argento

Breed: Miniature Poodle

Age: 9

Ideal Home: Argento would love a forever family where someone is home often to love on him all day. He is a great companion dog.

Kids: 10+

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Unknown

Crate-Trained: Argento is not being crate trained in his foster home and is fine when left alone.

House Trained: Working on it! Argento will go to the back door to tell you he has to go out.

Other Training: Argento does not know any commands, but he is well-behaved and ready to learn.

Personality: Argento’s foster mom says he’s, “Sweet, sweet, sweet!” He is a lower-energy pup who wants to snuggle and sunbathe all day long. Argento is super friendly and loves attention — he can’t wait to be your new best friend.

Why she/he was brought to the rescue: Argento’s “breeders” were done using him over and over again to produce puppies and he was set to be euthanized. WISE wasn’t going to let that happen and took him into our program.

For Argento’s adoption information, click here.

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Animal Lighthouse Rescue 

Name: Lukas

Breed: Lab mix

Weight: 50 pounds

Age: 5

Ideal Home: Lukas would do best in a fun-loving, active home, with a family that loved to go for a walk and play for a while and then snuggle on the couch.

Kids: Not sure

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Not sure

Crate-Trained: Getting there

House Trained: Almost

Leash Manners: Lukas pulls on a leash but he’s easily trainable.

Personality: Lukas is a happy-go-lucky, one-of-a-kind dog. He loves to play, go on walks, and will even have the zoomies whenever he’s excited.

Why she/he was brought to the rescue: Lukas was at ALR’s sister shelter in Puerto Rico and was brought to NYC about 2 weeks ago. He was surrendered to the shelter and now he has the chance to find his perfect forever home.

For Lukas’ adoption information, click here.

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