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“How to Count Your Macros” Food Seminar with Chris Almazan Fitness {Thursday, October 12, 2017}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Looking for the perfect formula to maintain a healthy diet without sacrificing the things you love {especially since it’s fall and we have to start fitting back in our sweaters again after an indulgent summer}? Find out exactly how to get the body you want without cutting out the food/lifestyle you work so hard for and love. One of our favorite Hoboken/Jersey City trainers, Chris Almazan, is hosting an exclusive macronutrient seminar on Thursday, October 12th at the Cast Iron Lofts in Jersey City and we’ve got the details! He’ll be sharing how to “count your macros” regardless of your diet and reach your fitness goals.

Learn from Chris Almazan, owner of Deliciously Fit and Total Nutrition Kitchen {and host of our #HobokenFitContest!}, how to manage a macronutrient diet daily to get the #bodygoals you want. You’ll not only learn the importance of food journaling, but also how to effectively plan your meals and understand the correct portion sizing for your goals.

The seminar is from 7:30-8:30 on Thursday, October 12th. $75 for the session and it includes 3 FREE meals from TNK Hoboken.

Click here to get your tickets!

1-Hour Seminar includes:

Informational breakdown of a macronutrient diet for your specific lifestyle
How to find your daily macronutrient intake
Take home macronutrient e-book and recipe guide
Healthy snacks and cocktails
3 FREE macro-portioned meals from Total Nutrition Kitchen for you to take home {they’re delicious, truuust}

Seminar is $75 {$300+ value}, and there are a limited # of seats for each event. Click here to get your tickets.

What are “macros”?

Macronutrients, macros for short, are what make up your daily calorie intake, in the form of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, and each are needed by your body to function properly. By tracking the amount of macronutrients our body consumes each day, we can take better control of our health. Whether it is weight loss, weight gain, or muscle gain, your goals can be reached with a nutritious diet of whole foods. The important factor to eating what you want is paying close attention to the amount you have each day. Through macronutrient logging you will learn what is best for your body and what may be preventing you from reaching your goals.

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Whether your goals include losing weight or building muscle {and regardless of any dietary restrictions}, a macro diet can be tailored for you.

About Chris

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 Certified personal trainer and owner of Total Nutrition Kitchen, Chris Almazan has over 10 years of experience as a trainer and was awarded Personal Training Manager of the year by one of New Jersey’s largest gym chains. He now specializes in exact nutrition and workout plans, which started when he began including meal preparation into his client’s diets for extreme results {after his own success as a Men’s Physique bodybuilding competitor}. He took his knowledge to open Deliciously Fit Grill meal preparation in Woodbridge, NJ — and then quickly expanded to local health spot Total Nutrition Kitchen in Hoboken. Each meal at TNK is specifically measured and weighed so you no longer have to guess about your nutrition to get the results you’re looking for. Through the #HobokenFitContest and his training/seminars, Chris will set you up to achieve the physique you’ve been looking for.

FYI: Participants of our #HobokenFitContest contest get entry to this seminar on Oct 12th FREE.

*This event is sponsored by Chris Almazan Fitness + TNK*

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