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This Hoboken + Jersey City Therapy Practice is Offering FREE Mental Health Consults this Season

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Before settling on a mental health practice, it’s smart to do your research and find a good fit. For prospective patients looking for an individualized therapy experience in Hoboken and Jersey City, the Lukin Center for Psychotherapy makes it a priority to create a treatment plan specific to each individual. Keep reading to learn more about the Lukin Center and everything it provides for the collective mental health of Hudson County.

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Lukin Center for Psychotherapy was founded in 2014 by Dr. Konstantin Lukin and Dr. Paula Yanes-Lukin. The first office was located in Hoboken but the Center has since expanded to include locations in Jersey City, Englewood, Ridgewood, and Montclair. As a family-owned practice, the team at Lukin Center takes pride in providing a comfortable and friendly atmosphere so each patient feels at home when they visit.

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The Dedicated Team at Lukin Center

Mental health experts Dr. Konstantin Lukin, Ph.D. and Dr. Paula Yanes-Lukin Ph.D. are at the Lukin Center helm, as Clinical Director and Director of Training + Supervision, respectively. The team also includes Ami P. Kang, LCSW, the Creative Director and Assistant Director of Couples Counseling Program; Timothy Meyer, LCSW who is the Assistant Clinical Director; the Assistant Director of Child + Adolescent Program is Kristen Estrella, LCSW; and Dr. Seth Mandel, MD oversees medication management as the Medical Director and a practicing psychiatrist.

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Maram Barakat, MA is the Social Media Manager for Lukin Center and oversees the community engagement online while Gabrielle Milani, MPH operates as the Senior Outreach Manager, ensuring that Lukin Center is doing everything they can to contribute to the mental health of the community.

There are also 15+ other clinicians who practice different specialties so that the Lukin Center can genuinely customize therapy methods to meet the needs of each patient.

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Dr. Konstantin Lukin and Dr. Paula Yanes-Lukin

A Personalized Approach to Therapy

There is no “one size fits all” approach at the Lukin Center: considering the needs of an individual or couple are specific and informed by factors like home life and interpersonal relationships. All therapy sessions are guided by compassionate and qualified therapists. Medication management with a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner is available as well as neuropsychological evaluations with a trained psychologist.

“Our practice provides the latest in evidence-based, heavily researched methodologies, so you can put science on your side as you work toward the positive change you want. As one of the largest mental health practices in Northern NJ, we offer more services and treatment modalities than any other provider. From evaluations to therapy to medication management, you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you need, even if your needs change.”

Lukin Center clinicians must work toward and maintain the highest possible degrees and certifications in their fields. This offers each patient the opportunity to work with an experienced, vetted expert who knows the best way to help.

Dr. Lukin personally matches every patient with the clinician who has the right mix of skills, training, and personality for the best outcomes possible. This personal approach gives each patient the time to develop a meaningful, productive rapport with a professional they trust.

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Quality Mental Health Treatment at Lukin Center

Lukin Center has helped over a thousand individuals, couples, and families restore hope, heal from trauma, and find the personalized treatment they need to achieve their mental health and personal growth goals. As Lukin Center grows, its goal remains to make quality mental health treatment accessible to the community.

“It is so encouraging to see people prioritize their mental health more than ever before. We have noticed that often conversations around mental health are way less stigmatized and the questions have become when to go to therapy not if,” Dr. Lukin said. “As one of the largest psychotherapy practices in Northern New Jersey, Lukin Center offers you or your loved one more options and therapy modalities so you can find the best clinician and treatment for you.”

Clinicians at the Lukin Center practice at the top of their fields, with many specializing in specific age groups, life stages, or types of relationships. 

Lukin Center recently added three team members at its Hudson County locations. Gabrielle Milani, MPH, has joined the Hoboken Lukin Center team as the Senior Outreach Manager, and Justin Marcus, MSW, and Maia Postle, MSW have joined the team as therapists in Hoboken.

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Gabrielle Milani

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Ami P. Kang, Justin Marcus, and Maia Postle

“The Hoboken and Jersey City area is the most dynamic and progressive community I have ever lived or worked in. The thoughtfulness and desire for growth that I see in my clients impresses me everyday,” Ami P. Kang, LCSW shared. “This community motivates us to keep growing and keeping up with the latest research and treatment modalities to meet the needs of our clients.”

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There are five Lukin Center offices located throughout northern New Jersey, including:


80 River Street, Suite 302 in Hoboken

277 Grove Street, Suite 202 in Jersey City

51 Upper Montclair Plaza, Suite 27 in Montclair

20 Wilsey Square in Ridgewood

60 Grand Avenue, Suite 104 in Englewood 

Lukin Center is located at 80 River Street, Suite 302 in Hoboken, and 277 Grove Street, Suite 302 in Jersey City. Prospective clients can call 201-409-0345 or email [email protected] with questions. Don’t forget to mention Hoboken Girl to redeem a FREE mental health consultation.

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