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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Love Magick

by Shawn Engel
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The long-awaited Valentine’s Day has finally arrived. This holiday is packed with symbolism that amplifies love, and whether you’re single or partnered, there is always a way to get in on the romantic energy flowing around this time of year. Here are some simple ways to infuse your holiday with a little extra love.

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Wear Pink and Red

It is no mistake that the reigning champs in color are pink and red for Valentine’s Day. Pink vibrates the energy of sweetness and self-love, while red drives passion and desire. With the combination of the two, you find an equally steamy and intimate concoction. You can pump up your own energetic vibrations by creating an outfit with these two colors or even incorporating them into your makeup. If you’ve ever noticed a difference in confidence, and even others’’ perception of you, when you slap on your favorite shade of red lipstick, this is all due to energy — so get on it.

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Carry Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is definitely the “it girl” of crystals, and if you happen to have one, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to use it. As this crystal is pink in color, it also vibrates amazing self-love energy. You can use this crystal by placing it on your person {in your bra or pocket} as a little amplifying reminder. You can also place it in your daily moisturizer to have the energy really sink in. Either way, the closer you are in proximity to this stone, the more powerful it will be for you.

Use the Energy of Roses

It’s no surprise that roses are the main choice for Valentine’s Day. Not only are the most popular types of roses both pink and red, but they are also known to enhance love spells. Since roses also have thorns, these flowers are excellent for bringing in a love that has boundaries. Whether your single or partnered, buy yourself {or have your boo buy them for you} some roses and keep them in a space to amplify the sensual and romantic energy. You can even take it a step further and make some rosewater from the petals to spritz as a facial toner or a room spray.

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The Vibration of Chocolate

Chocolate is a well-known aphrodisiac and it’s no wonder that it’s matched with this romantic holiday. Just the act of eating chocolate is highly sensual, but it takes it even a step further by raising your heart rate, increasing blood flow, and elevating serotonin in the brain. Energetically, cacao is known as a heart opener, and when eaten intentionally, can be highly intimate. You can get close with your S.O.or do some self lovin’} by indulging together on the sweetest of holidays.

Intentions are everything when talking about spirituality and energy, so if your intention this holiday is to get some, then use these tools!

How will you practice love magick on Valentine’s Day? Tell us in the comments! 


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