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3 New Food + Drink Spots Opening in Hoboken {+ More News You Missed}

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It’s been a week, Hudson County. From the news of a new bakery coming to Hoboken to a new dog run coming to 2nd and Hudson Streets plus some updates to the Journal Square PATH station, there’s been a lot going on this week. We’ve rounded up the headlines from the week so you don’t have to go digging for them. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about SunMerry Bakery, Loquito, and Simply Chai coming to Hoboken + more news you missed this week. 

Lebanese-Inspired Taco Spot to Open in Hoboken This Monday


After much buzz and excitement {plus pop-ups the last two summers at O’Bagel}, Loquito is opening its first ever brick-and-mortar at 217 Washington Street this Monday, July 8th. The new eatery {in place of Sauced} is the first Lebanese-inspired taqueria of its kind in Hoboken, a brainchild of Chef Stephen El-Hassan of O’Bagel. Think tacos árabes, mezza, bowls, and more all available on the menu — with vegan options as well.

“The vision really was how to think of a way how I could introduce Lebanese flavors in my own way — in my own interpretation,” Chef El-Hassan shared on Loquito’s Instagram. “My father was born in Lebanon, Im inspired by Lebanese culture, but also I’ve been lucky enough to cook with a variety of Mexican chefs and cooks since I was 13, and those guys really inspired me on how to cook. I learned Mexican cuisine really before I learned anything else.”

Swing by when the doors open at 11:00AM on Monday!

Park at 7th and Jackson Street Officially Opens

7th and jackson ribbon cutting

The 7th + Jackson Resiliency Park is officially open in Hoboken!

Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla, former Mayor Dawn Zimmer, other elected officials, and the Hoboken community got together to commemorate the grand opening of Hoboken’s first resiliency park. The park features playground equipment, an acre of open lawn space, a gymnasium, and a seating area. Most uniquely, the park also features infrastructure that allows it to capture 450,000 gallons of rainwater. This infrastructure was made with the intention of reducing problematic flooding.

“The new resiliency park at 7th and Jackson is a model for the state in providing both open space amenities and also below-ground infrastructure to help mitigate rainfall flooding,” said Mayor Bhalla in an official statement. “Residents, visitors, and local businesses will now have two acres of much-needed park space to relax, take their kids to the park, and enjoy the outdoors.”

This park may be the first of its kind but it won’t be the last. An even bigger resiliency project — hailed as “the Central Park of Hoboken” — is in the works for Northwest Resiliency Park, spanning from Madison to Jefferson Street. It is set to be the largest park in the Mile Square and will be equipped with underground infrastructure to accommodate at least one million gallons of runoff stormwater.

New Dog Run on Second and Hudson Streets

new dog run hoboken

Pups will soon have a new place to play with friends. A dog run is currently in the works off of 2nd and Hudson Streets in Hoboken. More information is to come as construction comes to a close, but by the looks of it, this park will be opening very soon.

Port Authority Adding Bike Storage to Journal Square PATH Station

bike racks path

If you bike to the PATH Station, then this is good news for you. Port Authority announced that it is adding a bike storage pod to the Journal Square PATH Station. The 20-bike parking facility will be on the PATH property and run under a pilot program that begins August 1st, 2019.

“When it comes to providing innovative travel options for our customers, our wheels never stop turning,” Port Authority Chairman Kevin O’Toole said. “Offering these kinds of biking options is part of the Port Authority’s commitment to a better, easier commute and a cleaner environment.”

The freestanding bike parking facility has security and is accessible through either keycard or mobile app. It costs $4.99 monthly for users and is supposed to be a direct response to the many complaints of commuters getting their bikes stolen. In 2018, 54 bikes were reported as stolen at the Journal Square station. Only 12 of those thefts ended in arrests.

The program is a collaboration between Port Authority and Oonee, a Brooklyn-based company that specializes in bike parking pods.

Jersey City Officers Fire Weapons, Injuring Two People in Incident Involving Fireworks

fireworks jersey city

Weapons were fired during an incident in Jersey City that resulted in two men being wounded by JC police officers. Reports suggest that fireworks were involved.

According to Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez, a lieutenant and two police officers working on assignment in Arlington Gardens public housing complex on Randolph Avenue were patrolling when things got hairy around 10:15PM.

The incident is currently still under investigation, but it is thought that police opened fire when they heard fireworks go off, thinking they were gunshots. Suarez confirmed two men, ages 19 and 21, were brought to Jersey City Medical Center and treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

No one has been charged in the incident as of yet and the community wants answers. If you have any information regarding the shooting, please call the Prosecutor’s Office at 201-915-1345.

SunMerry Bakery Café Coming to Old Aether Game Cafe Spot in Hoboken

sunmerry bakery hoboken

{Photo credit: @sunmerryus}

Almost a year after Aether Game Café permanently closed its doors on Washington Street, SunMerry Bakery Café is taking over the location. According to new signage at 519 Washington, SunMerry is on its way and is currently hiring.

If the name of the bakery sounds familiar, it could be because they have another location in Fort Lee. SunMerry is a Taiwanese-style bakery that specializes in Asian-European fusion bread, pastries, and bubble teas.

Owners of Hidden Grounds Coffee Opening Simply-Chai in the Mile Square

simply chai hoboken

{Photo credit: @simplychaihoboken}

If you love chai, then get ready for a “new chai experience” in the Mile Square — right next to the PATH Station. Simply Chai is coming to 79 Hudson Street in Hoboken from a pair of owners you might be familiar with — the same people behind Hidden Grounds Coffee. This is the old Sunnyside Cafe space, so expect a spacious interior, and of course, chai {with a twist}. More information from a recent post here.

Mayor Bhalla Issues Statement on E-Scooter Program

ojo scooters

{Photo credit: @ojoelectric}

It’s been a bit of a learning curve, to say the least since Hoboken unrolled its e-scooter sharing program a few months ago. Now, Mayor Bhalla has issued an official statement on whether the council should vote on the e-scooter program or the public. According to Bhalla, it’s a right that lies with the residents.

“Last week, I asked the Hoboken City Council to consider authorizing a public, non-binding question on the ballot in November to allow the public a voice in whether or not the City should permit an e-scooter sharing program. As mentioned, I believe this is a democratic way for residents to make their voices heard on an issue with a number of positive benefits, but also many passionate opinions. Unfortunately, the City Council voted down this proposal by a 5-2 vote {with Emily Jabbour and Jim Doyle voting yes, and two members absent} at the last Council meeting, denying residents the opportunity to weigh in on such an important matter,” Bhalla wrote.

This statement seems to be a direct response to City Council, who would prefer to vote on the ordinance without input from residents.

Bhalla continued, “I strongly believe we should be governing by listening to the voices of more residents, not stifling an opportunity to gather input on an issue through a fair and democratic method. Whether the City of Hoboken continues to allow e-scooters is not just a mundane question of governance as we are one of the first municipalities in the region to pilot the program, and the end result could have an impact broadly across the State and region. This is all the more reason why residents should be heard. I respectfully ask the 5 members of the Council who voted against the legislation to reconsider their position and allow residents to weigh in at the ballot box.”

In a tweet responding to Mayor Bhalla, Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher wrote, “I disagree. November is too late and we need to be gathering information from residents, hearing their voices and acting now, not later. It’s what we are elected to do. Let’s continue to address the safety and economic concerns together to make it work, or not for #hoboken.” She also tweeted, “Do you think a 2 ques. poll that can be influenced by outside money will tell us what we need! Why not do a survey now w/ @Lime_NJ to ask ques. about what is liked, if people know the laws, and concerns. Isn’t that kind of information more helpful to decision making? #Hoboken”. See the full thread here.

Fisher also shared on Twitter that she has introduced an ordinance that she will be introducing an ordinance on 7/10 that will allow a scooter ban on the waterfront if the speed limit slowdown doesn’t help.


The scooters’ destiny in Hoboken remains to be seen, so stay tuned for updates.


City Announces New Contract with SUEZ Water

suez contract hoboken

Flooding has been an ongoing issue throughout the Mile Square for a long time and the City hopes to improve the concern with a renewed contract with SUEZ Water Company.

Mayor Bhalla announced a new deal that provides for $33 million over 15 years, $2.2 million of which is to be invested into Hoboken’s water system.

“This is six times more than what we’ve previously invested throughout the old contract,” Bhalla said in a statement. “Instead of just responding to breaks, we’ll be upgrading our most vulnerable water mains through a new public water utility.”

Learn more about the new SUEZ contract from Mayor Bhalla’s Facebook page here.

Lime Scooters Send Out Safety Tips for 4th of July Weekend

lime scooter

This 4th of July weekend, Lime Scooters wants you to ride as safely as possible. That’s why they’ve sent out info regarding how to use the e-scooter sharing program appropriately and safely.

In addition, for the 4th of July, for riders {smartly} leaving the car at home to ride a bike or scooter past the gridlock, safety is a must. Here are five tips from Lime for safely getting around Hoboken during the festivities:

  1. Don’t drink and scoot/drive/ride. No matter what form of transportation you’re using for your July 4th festivities — car, bike, scooter, etc. — leave the driving to someone else if you’ve been drinking.
  2. Helmets are your friend. You wouldn’t hop on your bike without a helmet, would you? Scooters are no different — protect your head and wear a helmet.
  3. Sharing isn’t caring. Electric scooters are designed for one rider at a time. If your pal needs a ride, get them their own scooter for optimal fun and safety.
  4. Make eye contact with others using the road. Making eye contact with drivers not only makes them notice you instead of seeing through you, but it may also remind them of your shared humanity.
  5. We’re all in this together. Be respectful of those around you. Scooters belong in the bike lane, so use them whenever possible and don’t block walkways when parking your scooter.

Additionally, Lime announced limited hours for the holiday week and weekend. Lime ceased operations at 9:00PM on Wednesday, July 3rd, and 5:00PM on Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July 5th.

Real Estate Market in Jersey City and Hoboken Shifts

real estate market shift hoboken jersey city

With mortgage rates and the economy changing, Jersey City and Hoboken real estate have both experienced a recent shift. As of July 2018, mortgage rates were at 4.25%, but now are at 3.5%. Prices of homes have drastically changed, too.

One year ago, the average price for a one-bedroom/one-bath in Jersey City was $548K. Now, it’s listed at $581K. The average price of a one-bedroom/one-bath in Hoboken in June 2018 was $507K. Now, it is at $492K.


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