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All About Let’s Wrap It Up — a Mobile Gift-Wrapping Service

by Danielle Farina
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Just a week shy of Christmas, we’re officially in holiday shopping crunch time. If you’re anything like us here at The Hoboken Girl, you’ve likely conquered most of your list — after all, we’ve never met a reason to shop we didn’t like. But, this also means that somewhere in your home sits a pile of unwrapped presents, reminding you that you’ve yet to defeat the most dreaded part of holiday gift-giving: wrapping.

But we’re here with good news — there’s a traveling service that will rid you of all your wrapping woes, and it’s located right here in New Jersey. NJ native and self-appointed “wrapologist” Andrea Morales is the woman behind Let’s Wrap It Up, a mobile gift-wrapping company that wraps your gifts for you — and makes them look seriously adorable. Operating out of Lyndhurst, Let’s Wrap It Up is newly servicing the Hoboken + Jersey City area, among others throughout the state. There are pick-up and delivery options available, as well as gift-wrapping parties. We spoke with Andrea to get the low down on all the different offerings Let’s Wrap it Up has in store for the season. Read on to learn more about Let’s Wrap it Up, the NJ-based gift-wrapping company. 

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About Andrea + Let’s Wrap It Up

Being a mom of three, Andrea understands why (incoming pun) wrapping paper gets a bad wrap. But, also being a mom of three, Andrea knows that unwrapping a gift is half of the excitement — and a measly gift bag just doesn’t quite fit the bill.

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It’s out of this double-edged sword that Let’s Wrap It Up was born. She told HG that her main goals were to “save people time, along with the stress of wrapping, and also have them fall in love with the paper before the gift.” She first started wrapping out of her home for family and friends, gradually expanding from there. But upon realizing she had a spare trailer to use (who doesn’t?), decided to take her business mobile for the first time this year.

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In addition to convenience, Let’s Wrap It Up delivers some seriously adorable packaging. From burlap + satin ribbons to rustic, patterned paper, each present has a trendy and festive look that most of us would probably not achieve on our own — some even have a garnish. In a nutshell, Andrea says she’s  “just making people smile with pretty paper and bows.”

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How it Works

Let’s Wrap It Up services Bergen, Passaic, Essex, and most recently Hudson Counties. Essentially, there are three ways customers can approach the business: personal mobile orders, local pop-ups, or gift-wrapping parties.

Mobile orders must be placed through a Google form, which you can find in the Let’s Wrap It Up Instagram. Once an order is placed, Andrea + her team will drive to your home, park the trailer outside, wrap your gifts inside the trailer, and return the finished product to you. We know, we can’t believe it either.

For mobile orders, there’s a starting fee of $45, and from there, the cost is hourly — $125 per hour for up to 30 gifts and $100 per hour after 30 gifts. The hours spent wrapping are pre-determined by the number of gifts you have. For example, a 10-20 gift session is set to a two-hour minimum, 20-30 gifts are set to a 3-hour minimum, and so on.


In addition to the door-to-door services, Let’s Wrap It Up also operates through pop-up shops. The pop-ups appear throughout New Jersey and are announced in advance on the Let’s Wrap It Up IG. Andrea says a Hoboken or Jersey City pop-up is in the works, though the cities have given her some difficulty.

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If you choose to attend a pop-up, gift pricing is instead determined by the size of the gift and which level of packaging you opt for, traditional or lux. There are four size categories available, which range from small (think phone, perfume, jewelry, and other hand-held items) to oversized (think bicycles, scooters, and large TVs). Prices, of course, will vary depending on the size of your gifts and differ between the two packaging options.

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We’d be remiss not to mention the gift-wrapping parties – yes, you read that right. Let’s Wrap It Up will come to your holiday party with wrapping materials at the ready. Andrea told HG that the parties are the company’s most lucrative service, noting how people love to “sip while [they] wrap.”

For parties, there’s an hourly rate, which depends on how many wrappers will be needed. So, if you plan on having Let’s Wrap It Up come at your next holiday soiree, just know in advance how many of your guests plan on getting wrapped. Once that’s settled, you can sit back, relax, and watch Let’s Wrap It Up work its magic.

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