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Leo Season Is Officially Here: What That Means for the Zodiac

by Shawn Engel
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It’s officially Leo season. This fashionable, lime-light loving season, denoted by the Lion, lasts between July 23rd and August 22nd and has lots of big, fun energy. Leos are known to be natural-born leaders and this energy gets showered over us all Astro-month long. Our spiritual contributor, Shawn of Witchy Wisdoms, is here to break it all down for us. Keep reading to learn all about Leo season being officially here + what that means for the zodiac.

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About Leo

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac and governs the house of creativity. Ruling love, self-expression, and drama, Leo energy is romantic and fertile, making them incredible artists, creators, and business people. Roaring flames are synonymous with Leo energy, and is palpable when you meet anyone with heavy placements of this sign in their chart.

The element of Leo is fire, which is masculine, unpredictable, and energetic. As easily as fire can create, it can destroy by the masses. And because Leo is ruled by the sun, the planet that represents our ego, we can see an outward representation of this in their desire for praise and attention. But, remember, this isn’t a bad thing. Being recognized for success drives great ideas for Leos, everyone needs a sun quality to balance out deeper emotions.

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Another detail of Leo is that they have a “fixed” quality. Of the three qualities {the other two being cardinal and mutable} fixed denotes a finality and moving forward. As they fall at the end of the season, in Leo’s case, we are brought to shine a light on what we have accomplished through summer.

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In the tarot deck, Leo’s ruling card is strength. Picturing a woman with a lion {Leo’s constellation} resting his head on her lap, this card shows how much discipline it takes to nurture. The feeling around this card is balanced and maternal. For Leo, we must remember to balance the ego of strength with depth compassion.

Some celebs that you may or may not have known were Leos are clearly shining stars. Daniel Radcliffe, for example, made his mark on the scene with House Gryffindor, the most Leo of all the Harry Potter houses. Jennifer Lopez, a star with a very long-running career, always knows how to steal the spotlight. She shows up to every red carpet as the talk of the town, which is big Leo energy. Finally, former President Barack Obama is a fellow Leo, who created his own brand as a cool, relatable president, whether you liked him or not.

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What This Means for You + the Zodiac

 Well, at first it may feel a little foggy, due to Mercury Retrograde in Leo lasting until July 31st. However, after Mercury Retrograde’s post shadow simmers down around August 5th and is finally subsided on the 15th, you can expect some serious Lion energy in the air. You might feel more motivated than usual, and there’s a bit more star power in the air. It can feel very direct to certain signs, especially fire signs, so live it up and lead with pride.

If you want to explore more, go back to the article on the Twelve Astrological Houses and see where Leo lands in your chart. Then, depending on what central theme that house influences, you can expect to bring some fiery and independent energy into that subject.

Happy Leo season!

How are you getting ready for Leo season? Let us know in the comments!

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