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Keeping it Global and Local: Pip’s Marché {Your Shopping Guide to the World}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Remember that time that you traveled abroad and wanted to buy one of everything for yourself — and five more of each for your friends? I know, your wheelie bag wasn’t big enough. Well, you’re going to be reminiscing about your days abroad and your shopping habits as we have a solution for you, even while in America. Introducing a new company we’ve discovered called Pip’s Marche.

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Pips Marché is shopping site that sources stylish goods from local markets and shops, one country at a time. When you receive an email about goods from Peru available on the site, Pips Marché is there, in real-time. As with any good journey, it must move forward, so products typically remain on sale for a limited time – typically one to five days, on occasion until sold out. Think: It’s like Gilt Group, but for unique, one-of-a-kind goods that are made by local artisans and sold only in the country of origin.

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Pip’s was was recently launched by Lehigh graduate and New Yorker, Jennifer Bodenstab, with a goal of bringing you unique, beautiful products from various countries around the globe {that make you want to catwalk down the sidewalk while supporting and empowering local artisans and shopkeepers in global markets}. The site features goods from one country at a time — and are offered for a limited time – typically between one and five days, so the easiest way to stay apprised is to subscribe on the website. You can easily purchase the items online, and then they get shipped to your doorstep — just like you were actually traveling there yourself. Almost as good as the real thing.

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^One of the recent cross body bags available {crafted and made in India}

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What is so wonderful about Pip’s Marché is that with each purchase, you are able to read about the store/learn about the people who created the item, and support a global {yet still local} business. For example, the bag above’s story reads: “The family business in Pushkar, India provides women of the city with much needed work and income. They had more than just our stop-through to celebrate, with one son getting married in the following two days.” It’s great to learn about the history of a product, rather than buying it in bulk at a department store. Truly inspiring and enlightening!

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^Each bag is made by the family, and no two bags are alike…meaning your specific purchase is totally unique and the only one in the world! So cool! There are so many items like this — from key chains to fur hats to hand-woven pillowcases; you know you’re getting something unique while also supporting a local economy. Love.

Another recent story + item on the site {this one from Peru}:

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.06.33 PM

Don’t you just love putting a face to a name of what you’re buying? It makes us feel happy!

Says Jen,

Pip’s Marché was born during a ten day meditation retreat in India. On day three of silence and 25th hour of meditation, the business concept hit me like the figurative frying pan to the back of the head cliché. Once I write things down, I can move on, but as is the process during meditation retreats, all types of writing materials (including computers) were taken and would not be given back until the end of the retreat. The remaining seven days my experience went something like: “the logo will use this font… come back to the breath”, one mini-moment of peaceful meditation, “I’ll base sale times on data from… come back to the breath”… it was a long remaining 77 hours of meditation. The moment the staff returned our pens and papers on day 10, everyone starts writing about bliss, finding themselves, their experience. I opened my computer and started crunching numbers.

And boy does Jen do numbers, having lived in the corporate world for six years. She worked day and night as a consultant, and then used all of the money she made and traveled the globe. October 31, 2014 was her last day in corporate America, and then she left on a six month trek {to India, Nepal, and more}. After one inspiring leather artisan, one meditation course, and too many beautiful handmade goods to cary home — she created Pip’s Marché, using the skills from Corporate America mixed with her love for global travel and shopping locally.

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Make sure to follow Pip’s Marché on IG {@pipsmarche} to follow the adventures + sign up for their email list to get the scoop on new products that roll out every time Jen is on the move. Such a fun idea; can’t wait to see where she travels and what she discovers next 🙂

Happy shopping!


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