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Female-Owned JOYO Yogurt Expands to Offer Shipping

by Ainsley Layland
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Between busy workdays and hopefully fun-filled weekends, it can be hard to maintain the energy required to push through to the end of each week. If you’re looking for an immunity-boosting, anti-aging, cancer-fighting superfood to help you over the midday slump, locally-owned JOYO yogurt is packed with probiotics and 100mg caffeine per serving to give you the boost you need. Business partners and Hoboken residents, Marina Chianese and Matt Christmas launched their company with the goal of helping customers easily feel energized while on-the-go. Keep reading to learn more about this healthy game-changer and the exclusive deal available to Hoboken Girl readers.

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JOYO is an uplifting grab-and-go snack conceived at the intersection of wholesome yogurt and energizing caffeine. It’s kosher, non-GMO, and gluten-free, making it an easy choice for most lifestyles.


The Brains Behind the Boost

Marina’s self-proclaimed love of engaging with consumers and tastemakers fueled a successful career in apparel design and merchandising. A graduate of New York’s acclaimed Fashion Institute of Technology, Marina lets her keen brand intuition and sense of style guide her brand philosophy. 

Matt mastered food sales and distribution in a 15-year career that spans wholesale food sales, gourmet foods production, on-shelf distribution, and retail chain partnerships. His academic foundation in Restaurant Management and Food Science from Penn State University supports his fearless approach to satisfying customer demand for innovative, relevant products.

Hello Hydration Sidebar

“The best part about running this business is being able to connect with our community. The community in Hoboken is great because everyone sticks together and really wants local businesses to succeed,” Marina told Hoboken Girl. “We gave away our product by the 14th Street ferry when we first started our company. Our first location was Prime on 14th Street, they have supported us since the beginning.”

Zap Fitness

As a family business, Marina’s 8-year-old daughter has helped give away products to the community in Hoboken for the past two years. 

“After COVID we dropped off goodie bags to local restaurants so they could have some extra energy during these challenging times,” Marina shared. “We help keep people energized and motivated to get through their day as challenging as it might be.”

The First Energy Yogurt to Hit the Market

JOYO is unique to the market because it’s the first of its kind. Leave it to nutrition science to explain the magic feeling of JOYO. The body metabolizes JOYO solids while the brain grabs that very necessary caffeine boost without the jitters and crashes that come with liquid caffeine.

Each flavor is naturally sweetened with organic blue agave syrup, which also supports healthy blood sugar levels and promotes healthy weight loss. JOYO provides the calcium and vitamin-D benefits of pasteurized milk with the added benefits of probiotics. Each serving packs surprisingly potent immunity and anti-aging benefits into its burst of flavor, thanks to Vitamin C and antioxidants.

Available Online + Select Locations

While JOYO yogurt has been available in retail stores for a while, they just launched online for shipping in February. Products are currently shipping to New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

“We feel that since COVID-19 it’s not the right time for people to pick up new products in the store,” Marina told Hoboken Girl. “We feel this way we take the worry out and can deliver our products directly to our customers.” 

When you checkout online don’t forget to mention HOBOKENGIRL in the “How did you hear about us?” section and follow @enjoyjoyo on Instagram for 2 FREE extra yogurts.

Locations in Hoboken + Jersey City

The following locations are currently carrying JOYO: 


  • Prime Grocery {112 14th Street}
  • Prime Gourmet {720 Monroe Street}
  • Aspen Marketplace {226 Washington Street}
  • Organic Basic Food {204 Washington Street}
  • Acai Ya Later {203 Washington Street}
  • Bagels On The Hudson {802 Washington Street}

Jersey City

  • Hudson Greene Market {77 Hudson Street}

To find the location nearest you, check out the shop locator online.

A Trifecta of Flavor

The only flavor available right now is strawberry but two others are in the works, including a dairy-free flavor. Among the flavors:


“Strawberries boost your immune system, help maintain healthy skin, and offer a bounty of antioxidants,” the team shared with us. And now, thanks to JOYO, strawberries deliver a fresh, fruity, vitamin-rich burst of flavor that goes toe-to-toe with the tanginess of the yogurt. 

Apple Cinnamon

Apple Cinnamon is a grownup twist on your favorite childhood breakfast flavors, serving up the sweet-tart combination of fresh apples with the added zing of killer ground cinnamon. This dairy-free yogurt just launched and is made with creamy oat-milk and packed with a punch of flavor.

Lemon + Turmeric

Lemon + Turmeric {coming soon} is an inspired flavor combination where East meets West to offer both the anti-inflammatory and mood-enhancing benefits of two distinct superfoods in a singularly luscious snack. 

Don’t forget to mention HOBOKENGIRL when you check out and follow @enjoyjoyo on Instagram for more updates. For questions please call 732-581-1106 or email Marina at [email protected] to get in touch.

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