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Jersey City Juice Bar: Squeeze’D {+ Food and Juice Truck}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Nowadays, a juice bar is {fortunately} pretty easy to scope out and find in the Hudson County area. We have an ever-growing amount of healthy food and drink options in Hoboken and Jersey City, but when it comes to quality — when you’re really  jonesing for a juice that’s organic, vegan, and delicious, it’s a little harder of a task. Lucky for you, we’ve found a new spot in Jersey City that will satisfy that need: Squeeze’D Juice Bar. Whether you’re in Hoboken or Jersey City, this hidden gem of a juice bar is worth the trip {and now they also have a juice/food truck}. Here’s a little more about this new #HobokenGirlFave:

Founded in 2015, Squeeze’D was born from its owners and partners Carolyn and Victor going through a detox and juicing journey after battling weight fluctuation for years while working in the corporate world. During that time, they were having trouble finding a juice bar while out and about in Jersey City. “Our only option was a local mom and pop vitamin store in downtown JC, but the choices where so small — literally three juices and about five smoothies,” Carolyn shared with HG. She and Victor had been battling various illnesses including thyroid disease and HBP, battling weight gain and other serious medical conditions. Two years prior to starting Squeeze’D, the duos began a journey of eating better and making some major life changes, including stopping smoking, starting work with a personal trainer, cooking at home, and of course — juicing. Over a few months’ span, they collectively lost over 50 pounds. Needless to say, they were hooked!



Because they couldn’t find a local spot that made fresh juices {most had bottled cold press one, Carolyn explained}, it quickly became obvious there was a real need for a juice bar. So, one evening in February during the winter of 2014, Carolyn looked at Victor and said the words that would change their life forever: “We’re starting a juice bar in Jersey City!” It didn’t take much arm-twisting, and the two began doing market research and devised a plan on where to begin the journey.

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The pair began their entrepreneurial quest in farmers markets throughout Jersey City, and the rest was history. They purchased a truck in the 2016 summer season for a mobile juice bar to further test the juicing waters. “We wanted to be sure that we could make a proper fully operating juice bar, so we took our time building it out. Going over each detail, even what the design of the outside artwork would be,” she noted. And after finding much success quite quickly, they launched the truck as Jersey City’s first mobile juice bar and as they noted, the only mobile juice truck in Hudson County. Not long after, they began searching for a brick & mortar — and on April 17th, the ribbon cutting at 300 Coles Street inside of the 8 Springs Studio at the Cast Iron Lofts building happened. A busy two years, that’s for sure!

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^An HG fave: freshly-squeezed oranges, banana, spinach, and almonds {OMG so good}

Okay so on to the actual menu — because while these two are pretty awesome, their plant-based juice and açai bowl selections are equally awesome — and totally worth the trek from Hoboken or Jersey City to this little corner spot. The menu consists of fresh and locally-sourced fruits, veggies, and vegan protein. A few of our favorites: Peanut Butter Punch, which is an awesome meal replacement filled with nuts and fruits, and the Pinango {spinach, mango, pineapple, and coconut water + some vegan vanilla protein}. But of course, anything you can dream up, they most likely can make. Think of it as a little space with a big taste — one that you’ll be craving for days after you come through.

As far as their newest menu item, açai bowls, there are a variety of options for the bowl goodness — bowls full of berries of all kinds and the Peanut Butter Nanna Lover Bowl is a breakout option. They also now offer a “build your own” bowl, which customers can create using any three ingredients. HG Tip: through the rest of April, they’re only $5! For those wanting custom juice detoxes, they create those and can deliver in Hudson County.

Even though Victor and Carolyn are both originally from Brooklyn, it appears that Jersey City has stolen their hearts {and they’ve stolen many residents’ hearts as well — ours included}. Carolyn reflects on the way she came to this Hudson County community, “I moved around a lot mostly because of work so it’s been such a beautiful experience to finally feel at home in a city like Jersey City — and to be able to start and grow our business. It’s a major move in my life personally, as I am a domestic violence surviver, and because of that I had to move around from place to place for about three years. Finding a place to call home and feeling like I’m home is extraordinarily amazing.”

And their journey in Jersey City seems to be just the beginning. Starting soon, they’ll be serving students in Montville, NJ healthy smoothies for lunch and are now in the process of providing that same service to other schools in the area, and daycare centers in Jersey City. “This farmers market season we’ll be doing a few of the markets that allow trucks to enter. We don’t want to stop doing the markets, for us, meeting new people everyday while still serving our regular customers is probably the best part of Squeeze’D.”

The best part? If you can’t make it to 8 Springs Studio {but you should, because their megaformers are LEGIT}, you can stalk down the Squeeze’D juice truck on their social media daily @squeezed.nj.


Says Carolyn, “I don’t think our customers know just how much they inspire us to keep working hard, make the best product and be honest about what goes into their juices. We want everyone to be able to enjoy a really healthy and delicious juice, smoothie or açai bowl without breaking their wallet {their organic juices are under $10}. Helping others is a great plus. We always have fun doing what we do. I can’t ask for more.”

Have you had a Squeeze’D juice? What did you think?

And just because we don’t want you to trek over and not be able to get a juice, Squeeze’D hours of operation are:
Monday 7AM to 1PM
Tudesday 7AM to 1PM + 4PM to 8PM
Wednesday 7AM to 1PM + 4PM to 8PM
Thursday 7AM to 1PM
Friday 7AM to 1PM
Saturday and Sunday 8AM to 2PM

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