All About the Jersey City Ballet {+ Why You Should Try It}

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If you’ve ever been interested in trying ballet, you’re in luck. The Jersey City Ballet {located at 182 Brunswick Street, Jersey City}, well-known for its children’s program and theater performances, also offers affordable drop-in ballet classes and a ballet bar workout classes for adults in a professional and intimate setting. Read on to learn all about the Jersey City Ballet in the Brunswick Center:

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About the Ballet

Judith Elins Palacio, the founder and director of both the Jersey City Ballet and Jersey City Ballet Theater, is passionate about making ballet accessible to all interested parties. She’s committed to being a cultural resource for the community of Hudson County. “We provide accessible, affordable performances in addition to educational and training programs related to the ballet arts,” she shared with Hoboken Girl.

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The ballet school was designed to create an environment dedicated to classical dance training or students looking to pursue the art as a passion, a career, or simply within a learning space. The theater, however, was created as a means of creating a community ballet company. The theater offers professional faculty and small class sizes for all its students.

Ballet Classes + Workouts

For those looking to pursue ballet as an adult, the JC Ballet offers an Adult Ballet Program. The beginner class is ideal for those who want to explore dance, but have little experience as well {because mom forcing us into class was pretty much a rite of passage in the 80s/90s, jussayin’}. Now, for those who have the basics down and want to try their hands {or feet} at something else, there is an advanced beginner class designed to further challenge students.

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Fans of barre classes will enjoy the ballet workout: As a low impact class, participants combine ballet technique with stretching, cardio, and strength training. The best part is, however, is that the JC Ballet does not require any long-term commitments when it comes to classes offered, as guests can simply adhere to the ballet’s drop-in policy.

Beyond Ballet

Ballet aside, the Jersey City Ballet Theater also operates as a non-profit performing arts organization. It regularly puts on productions + programs featuring local + international choreographers and dancers who are up and coming.

For the Little Ones

If you’ve got a little one, fear not — the ballet offers dance classes for children ages four-six. The classes are designed to help kids increase their focus, coordination, and creativity.

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For more information on classes + what is offered, visit the Jersey City Ballet’s website and stay updated on the class schedule and upcoming performances.

Have you tried a class with the Jersey City Ballet yet? Let us know in the comments!

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