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ATVs Banned + New Skyscrapers Proposed in Jersey City

by Sarah Boyle
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We cover the news each week in the Hoboken + Jersey City area — but sometimes, big headlines call for an additional mini round-up. Today, our focus is on two Jersey City stories. Two new residential skyscrapers, which are located at 50 and 55 Hudson Street, have been proposed next to Goldman Sachs on the Jersey City waterfront — and they’re going to be giant. The 42- and 58-story buildings are aiming to hold about 2,000 units total. Additionally, JC has officially banned ATVs and dirt bikes from public roads despite the vehicles already not being street legal in the state of New Jersey, a law that hasn’t appeared to be dissuading many. This new ordinance is giving local authorities the ability to confiscate these vehicles in order to help crack down on people riding on public roads. Read on to learn more about the proposed residential buildings and the ATV + dirt bike ban in Jersey City. 

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2 Residential Skyscrapers Proposed Next to Goldman Sachs

Per NJ.com, two residential skyscrapers have been proposed to go up on the Jersey City waterfront next to Goldman Sachs. The new skyscrapers, aiming to go up on the Exchange Place waterfront near Paulus Hook pier at 50 and 55 Hudson Street, are taking up some of the last plots of undeveloped space in the area.

These buildings are also said to be massive — the 42- and 58-story buildings will house about 2,000 units. This plan is set to be reviewed by the Jersey City Planning Board on September 20th — led by developer Tishman Speyer. NJ.com reported that Tishman Speyer is also the owner of Rockefeller Center and the MetLife building in NYC — plus, it developed the new Yankee Stadium. These skyscrapers will also have both parking and retail stores at their bases.

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None of these units will be set aside for affordable housing.

Jersey City Officially Bans ATVs + Dirt Bikes

In other news this week, Jersey City has officially banned ATVs and dirt bikes on public roads. Hudson Reporter reported that the vehicles were officially not allowed on public streets, highways or rights-of-ways per an ordinance that was unanimously adopted by the City Council.

“Any such vehicles that are driven on such roads will be considered contraband, with violators subject to a minimum fine of $50. The vehicle may be impounded and disposed of, or destroyed,” the article reads. “Any unregistered or uninsured dirt bikes or ATVs that are abandoned, stored, parked on a public street, sidewalk or in an alley will be subject to being impounded or may be destroyed.”

ATVs are actually not street legal in the state of New Jersey — meaning they’re not permitted on any public roads in the state, only on off-roads. “Use the ATV or Dirt Bike for off-road use only,” the NJMVC says. Despite this, riders have continued to travel on main roads throughout Jersey City — mainly because police are less likely to pursue a chase to avoid anyone crashing and getting hurt, per NJ.com. Ward A Councilwoman Denise Ridley was at the forefront of the decision to create stricter local laws to crack down on this issue. By defining dirt bikes and ATVs as contraband, it gives local police the right to take the vehicles whenever they see them on public roads.

“A video from one of Ridley’s constituents shows the type of nuisance that has prompted Ridley to act: A group of dozens of men popping wheelies on ATVs and dirt bikes blow through a red light driving on both sides of the road near the intersection of Van Vorst and Grand streets,” NJ.com reported. 

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Jersey City is not the only New Jersey city battling ATV and dirt bike problems. Paterson has also been cracking down on these vehicles with confiscations and fines. If an owner of a confiscated bike wants to get it back, Paterson laws require payment of a $500 fine, per North Jersey.

In a similar but separate ordinance that was also unanimously adopted in Jersey City, scooters, roller skates, bicycles, and skateboards have all also been banned from pedestrian malls — including Newark Avenue Pedestrian Mall and the Exchange Place Pedestrian Mall. Only kids under 10 will be allowed to use scooters, roller skates, and skateboards in these areas.

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