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Where to Take Infant CPR Classes Near Hudson County

by Ainsley Layland
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Preparing to save a child’s life is not at the forefront of most minds, but it only takes a split second for that to change. Having the essential knowledge of pediatric CPR can make all the difference in the world as a parent, caregiver, teacher, and friend. Luckily, classes are available in Hudson County. Many locations in the area offering courses are open to limited numbers for in-person classes but some have completely transitioned to remote instruction. Read on to find a location near you so you can feel more confident in your ability to help a child if and when the time comes.

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Pampered Pregnancy {308 Willow Avenue, Hoboken}

CPR classes at Pampered Pregnancy focus on learning the skills to perform CPR on an infant who is younger than one year old. Based on the American Heart Association’s Friends and Family CPR curriculum, this class encourages couples to come to learn together and also register any other caregivers the child may have. Classes are currently offered in-person on a limited basis to maintain proper social distancing.

Healthforce Jersey {658 Newark Avenue, Jersey City}

Designed to meet the requirements for childcare workers, this class covers pediatric first aid, infant CPR, adult CPR, and asthma care training. Available at three locations in New Jersey, this class makes it easy and accessible to learn the basics of first aid and CPR for children. Classes are offered on-site and off-site and can be scheduled by calling (212)983-5389.

Little Hearts CPR {421 7th Avenue #711, New York}

Little Hearts CPR is offering standard group classes, private sessions, lessons in Spanish, plus refresher courses for alumni. In each one, you will learn to avoid, recognize, and respond to emergencies. The standard 2.5-hour class is offered 4 to 6 times each week in Manhattan and monthly in Brooklyn. Reviewers say this session is well-organized, lively, and comprehensive. Classes are currently offered online and in-person to meet the needs and safety concerns of each family.

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NY Metro CPR {500 8th Avenue, New York}

This course is intended for anyone involved in childcare who has a duty to respond to illnesses and injuries in the first few minutes until professional help arrives. In this class, students learn preventative measures for infant safety, the difference between infant and child CPR, and how to recognize if your child needs CPR. This class is perfect for teachers, camp counselors, coaches, and babysitters. Classes are currently offered in-person on a limited basis in keeping with CDC guidelines.

Zap Fitness

City Births {370 W 58th Street #1C, New York}

This hands-on class provides instruction on skills to enhance confidence in turning a life-threatening situation into a lifesaving one. The course focuses on infant CPR, relief of foreign-body airway obstruction, taxi, and car seat guidelines, and baby safety tips. Each student pair practices the skills on a mannequin so you can rely on muscle memory in the future. Classes are currently offered in-person and online as a live online group so families can learn in a way that makes them feel comfortable.

Fun CPR Classes NYC {413 West 46th Street, New York}

A refreshing take on the traditional CPR class, this location touts not only an educational experience but an entertaining one as well. With plenty of hands-on practice and group participation, reviewers of this class say they have fun while learning essential CPR skills. Classes are available on-site or as a live Zoom class so parents can choose the best option for their schedule.

Baby Zone NYC {110 East 23rd Street, New York}

CPR may be the most important skill for parents and caretakers to understand. Every parent and caregivers hope to never need them but having that knowledge can literally save lives. The experienced instructor at BabyZone will discuss and demonstrate skills so that clients come away with the basics of infant and child CPR, choking prevention and resolution, as well as baby safety. Classes run approximately two hours long and are available as a monthly in-person, private, or customized class.

Frontline Health First Aid AED Training {555 8th Avenue #1109, New York}

Learn the basic skills of CPR through this American Red Cross Adult and Pediatric certification class. This class is recommended for adults with responsibility for children and those who work in positions such as personal trainers and fitness instructors. This class is geared toward those who are not medical students or medical professionals.

Enjoy CPR {877 Southern Boulevard, The Bronx}

Classes at Enjoy CPR follow a remote learning model with an online module for instruction purposes followed by a skills verification session via Zoom. Believe it or not, proper CPR procedures are fairly easy to teach online which means you don’t have to wait any longer to qualify for a CPR certification. 

Iron Hand Rescue CPR Training Center {17th Street Suite 2, North Bergen}

The team at Iron Hand is made up of FDNY EMTs and paramedics authorized to teach CPR AED, First Aid, and BLS courses under the standards of the American Heart Association. Enjoy onsite training at a business, daycare, or schedule a private lesson. Begin your course online with the new blended learning service and complete your training in person or via webcam to evaluate your hands-on knowledge.

The Wild {272 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn}

Being prepared to save a child’s life is considered a critical skill for all caregivers. This course will answer questions about when to use the Heimlich maneuver and when to use CPR, and. learn when a trip to the hospital is necessary and when things can be handled at home during The Wild’s class. All of this information and more will be handled in a fun and accessible manner by the Baby Be Safe team during limited in-person classes.

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NYC Birth + Baby {609 West 11th Street, New York}

Now available completely online, NYC Birth + Baby will teach you everything you need to know to prepare for the birth of your baby and safety in the home. Offering classes based on 20+ years of supporting families with birth education, labor support, and breastfeeding guidance, NYC Birth + Baby is a one-stop-shop for any parental needs. Find confidence as you forge ahead with the help from the team at NYC Birth + Baby. All classes are currently being held virtually to ensure everyone’s safety.

Gumbo {495 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn}

This class will cover all aspects of CPR for infants and children in addition to information about infant and child choking. The instructor, Debra Scaccia, has become a safety expert in the field of pediatrics. She emphasizes the importance of prevention and includes information on preventive measures and baby/childproofing the home, water, and travel safety. Class includes an overview of basic first aid and hands-on practice with a mannequin. The class schedule is limited to ensure small and socially-distanced learning for each family.

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