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Hudson Roasters, Linda’s Biscotti, + Vibra Eco

by Jennifer Tripucka
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The Thursday 3 has arrived — with three top picks of the week via our team. This week we’re keeping it to the basics: Hudson Roasters coffee, biscotti, and reusable goodies from Vibra Eco, OFC. There are so many fun things we want to talk about tbh, it’s hard to keep it to just three. But here’s tryin.

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Hudson Roasters

hudson roasters coffee

This one’s for the coffee lovers — small batch specialty coffee, that is. Hudson Roasters is a family owned, small batch roaster supplying locally roasted premium coffee. Founders, who are also cousins, Bernadette Gerrity & Sal Santuccio, are the proud children of Cuban immigrants who achieved the caffeine dream when they started their own coffee roasting company in 1961 in Hoboken, New Jersey. With coffee running through their bloodline, these two teamed up in hopes of creating a specialty coffee brand that provides the quality coffees that they have grown to love. Stay tuned for a more in-depth on this awesome company here — but if you need your caf’fix asap, click here.

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Linda’s Biscotti

lindas biscotti chester nj

Although located in Chester, NJ, Linda’s Biscotti is worth. the. trip {or online order}. We recently got to sample a wide variety of delicious biscotti in the Hoboken Girl HQ — thanks to her nephew who lives in Hoboken, and boy, were we impressed {read: could not stop sampling above box, which was two layers deep in biscotti}. It may or may not have been gone in a day. The best part? They have FOUR gluten-free flavors, and if you want to try any of the flavors, they’ll actually send you FOUR free samples {gluten-free or otherwise} if you click here. {Shipping not included!}

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More about Linda’s Biscotti, from the website:

“Over 30 years ago, Grae-Grae, Linda’s grandmother, taught her how to make the traditional Biscotti Cookie. This became a “must“ in Linda’s house from that point forward, and a tradition to bring them to every party or occasion for family and friends. Soon, Linda was baking on a weekly basis and finally decided to take it one step further and experiment with double and single baking, later adding and creating different flavors. Linda’s Gourmet Biscotti has been a favorite for everyone in the community for years. We soon expanded from “friends and family” to local marketplaces, coffee shops, and larger retailers and grocers. With growing demand, we opened our first retail shop in Chester, New Jersey and we offer a free Biscotti to any first-time visitor. The support from the town, friends, family, and so many new customers has been overwhelming. We thank you for your kind words and patronage.”

Vibra Eco

vibra eco reusable bag

With the Plastic Bag Ban in full effect in Hoboken, it’s safe to say we’re all looking for alternatives and reusables {post on cute tote bags coming soon, FYI} — and hopefully it’s got us all thinking about more about the amount of waste we’re causing on a regular basis. Enter Vibra Eco, a Weehawken-born brand, that sells adorable and eco-friendly options for everyday items {think metal straws, produce bags, reusable mugs, and more}.

Born and raised in NYC area with Uruguayan roots, Andrea, Vibra Eco’s founder became aware of the effects of plastic after first-handedly experiencing a dying Great Barrier Reef in Australia, floating plastic in the Pacific/Atlantic Oceans, swimming in micro plastics in the Gulf of Thailand, and plastic pollution in Filipino lands. Her love for nature, the future of humanity, and contemporary fashion led her to find reusable solutions — and that’s how Vibra Eco was born.

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