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Hudson Pro Orthopaedics: A Leader in Robotic Surgery

by Ainsley Layland
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Normal life came to a halt during the COVID-19 pandemic and elective surgeries were paused while the world figured out how to handle the unpredictability of the coronavirus. Advancements in the medical field now allow surgeries to continue with minimal risk through robotic surgery. As a top-rated orthopaedic and sports medicine practice, Hoboken’s very own Hudson Pro Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine has become a leader in robotic technology. Keep reading to learn more about the local medical practice and the exclusive offer for Hoboken Girl readers.

hudson pro

Hudson Pro Orthopaedics

Robotic Surgery And The Pandemic

Robotic surgery allows for contactless surgery with remote supervision by showing the surgeon a highly magnified, high-resolution image of the operating field, which minimizes contact between the patient and healthcare provider in the surgical room, therefore reducing the risk of COVID-19 spread. The use of robotics also minimizes surgical complications possible from traditional surgical options. This helps to keep patients outside of the healthcare system and emergency room, where the chance of exposure to COVID-19 is greater.

Robotic surgery also requires fewer surgical instruments in comparison to the classic surgical approach, resulting in a reduced risk for contamination. Robotic technology has permitted the continuation of elective surgeries during this time and has furthered efforts to make it a regular solution in the surgical field.

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The Team at Hudson Pro Orthopaedic

Hudson Pro has three offices in New York and five offices in New Jersey,  the Hoboken office is located at 1320 Adams Street, Suite D. This location consists of 3 orthopedic physician assistants and 8 physicians, including orthopaedic surgeons and sports medicine specialists, hand and upper extremity specialists, podiatrists and foot and ankle surgeons, a neurosurgeon, an emergency room doctor, and a pain management physician. 

Collectively, they treat all joints including the spine, knee, shoulder, hip, elbow, hand/wrist, foot, ankle, neck, and back. Surgical procedures range from non-invasive arthroscopies to total joint replacements. Non-surgical options include PRP injections, cortisone injections, and custom orthotics and bracing.

Golden Door Dispensary

hudson pro

Hudson Pro has an amazing group of board-certified surgeons. They are the best at what they do and truly care about their patients. We are lucky to be in Hoboken and a part of a community with such a strong identity,” Michelle Simon, VP of Business Development told Hoboken Girl. “Dr. Azzolini, a foot and ankle surgeon, joined our practice over 2 years ago. He has been practicing in Hoboken for more than 26 years and is Director of the Residency program at HUMC.”

The surgical team at Hudson Pro includes:

  • – Imran Ashraf, MD
  • – Roman Isaac, MD
  • – Aleksey Lazarev, MD
  • – Shital Sharma, DPM, DABPM, FACFAS
  • – Demetrios S. Econopouly, DPM
  • – Thomas Azzolini DPM, DABFAS, DABPM
  • – Edward Scheid, MD
  • – Prabhakar Reddy, MD
  • – Keyvan Jahanbakhsh, M.D.
  • – Robert Fraser, MD
  • – Hebah El-Gendi, PA-C
  • – Peter Perou, RPA-C
  • – Iraida Alvarez, PA-C

hudson pro

hudson pro

Patient Relations Will Always Take Priority

While the owners at Hudson Pro Orthopaedics, Dr. Imran Ashraf and Dr. Roman Issac, hope to grow their practice, they never want to be above making individual connections with each patient. The goal is to grow enough to be able to offer a wide range of services and locations to conveniently treat patients in New York and New Jersey while still remaining small enough to give catered, boutique care that larger practices sometimes lose.

“I believe that I can relate to my patients, as I practice what I preach. I am helping patients to get back to living a healthier and active lifestyle,” Dr. Ashraf told Hoboken Girl. “I do understand that injuries are a part of being active, and I have suffered and worked through several injuries myself over the years.”

Being able to relate to the patient and offer the best possible care are two of the most important convictions held by the leadership at Hudson Pro Orthopaedics.

“I truly believe that we are the best of the best. Dr. Ashraf is the doctor that other doctors refer their family members and themselves to,” Michelle mentioned. “All of our doctors operate on their peers and other healthcare professionals. I think it says a lot that other medical professionals trust their care and the care of their loved ones to be handled by our doctors.”

Each member of staff at Hudson Pro values the health and comfort of the patient, making it a priority to tailor the treatment to the individual. 

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Free Weekend Yoga Classes Each Month

To encourage wellness within the community, Hudson Pro offers free yoga classes in the parking lot in Hoboken one Sunday a month at 10 AM before the Main Street Pops market. The sessions are guided by one of the Hudson Pro surgical coordinators. Complimentary yoga mats are provided.

The office is located at 1320 Adams Street, Suite D in Hoboken. The convenient location has 40 parking spaces to make stopping by that much easier. You can book an appointment online or call 201-308-6622 with questions and follow along on Instagram for social media updates from the office.

Don’t forget to mention Hoboken Girl when scheduling your appointment with Hudson Pro to receive FREE custom orthotics!

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