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Hudson Beauty Bar: A Go-To Facial Studio in Edgewater

by Devin Mahon
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With the abundance of beauty spas popping up in the area, it can be hard to figure out which one to try. Trusting someone with your face can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re a newbie and have never had services like microblading or eyelid tattooing. But no need to fret, Hudson Beauty Bar {located at 1203 River Road, Edgewater} has you covered. The Hoboken Girl team recently visited and got to know the owner, Esther Yim {who has 10 years experience as an esthetician} at her studio in Edgewater. Read more to learn about Hudson Beauty Bar + get a sneak peek into the studio and our lash lift service experience.

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The Background

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Esther Yim, owner and founder of Hudson Beauty Bar, started her career as an esthetician in 2009 but was always passionate about helping others with their skincare needs. She worked as the spa manager and lead esthetician for Equinox on Park Avenue in New York City but soon came to a crossroads when she began her family. 

After she made the tough decision to leave Equinox and become a stay at home mom, Esther began researching new ways to develop her craft. “Being thrust into the world of motherhood, I personally experienced a new need that I wanted to help others with,” Esther explains. “Getting ready in the morning had always been a struggle but having the challenge of also attending to my children made me realize just how much time could be saved by shortening my routine.” This ultimately led Esther to the path of getting certified in microblading. 

Later, when Esther and her family moved to Edgewater, she got certified with the American Association of Micropigmentation, so she could properly work as a permanent tattoo artist New Jersey. “I knew I could help others in the community and I also knew that I wanted to do it my way without ever having to sacrifice quality,” she explains. As a huge believer in “thoughts become things,” Esther decided to open her own business, Hudson Beauty Bar, and become an even bigger part of the Edgewater community. 

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Why Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Semi-permanent make up has recently become very popular in the beauty industry, as consumers are looking for beauty enhancements and results that don’t require weekly maintenance. It also allows for a non-invasive procedure for consumers who are not ready or wanting to make such permanent changes to their faces. As Esther explains, “The primary benefit that clients gravitate towards is that it helps to enhance your natural beauty. There’s no more challenge of trying to replicate your look on a daily basis and the procedures are meant to augment your natural features. Your eyeliner will always be even, if you had your hairline tattoo, your hairline will look more full, and for the lip blush tattoo, you can reverse the loss of pigment and have lips full of color.”

Hudson Beauty Bars’s Services

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Hudson Beauty Bar offers free consultations and a multitude of services at affordable prices. “At Hudson Beauty Bar, we want to make sure you feel comfortable from start to finish,” explains Esther. As the sole esthetician, Esther is able to provide exceptional one-on-one service and make sure every client is fully educated about each step of the service and what they should expect. 

Services available are:

  • Microblading: $625*
  • Microshading {combination brows}: $645*
  • Powder Brows or Ombré Brows: $645*
  • Eyeliner Tattoo: $350*
  • Lip Blush Tattoo: $795*
  • Hairline Tattoo: $475* Eyelash Tint and Lift {excludes touch up}: $120

*all prices include one 4-6 week touch up

Additionally, touch-ups and refills at Hudson Beauty Bar are priced extremely well {ranging from $125-$495 over a six-month –to one year time period} to allow clients to maintain the beauty services they have come to love. Hudson Beauty Bar even has a great referral program, where you and a friend can receive $50 off on any service {yes, please!}, excluding the lash lift.

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After Care

According to Esther’s expertise, microblading can last up to one and a half years, depending on the client’s body chemistry. Clients usually make an annual touch up appointment to maintain the shape and color. Eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip tattoos can last anywhere from one to four – years, depending on body chemistry. A lash lift and tint can last two to three months, depending on the individual’s lash cycle.

“The aftercare is very important if you want your procedure to last!” Esther explained. It is crucial for clients to cover the new tattoo from the sun. They should avoid any sort of activity that may push out the pigment for at least two weeks. Such activities include working out, sunbathing, and swimming. For lashes, Esther recommends avoiding steam from cooking on high heat and even hot showers. 

A Little About Edgewater 

For our readers who may not frequent the Edgewater area, we definitely recommend making the 15-minute trip — or better yet, make it a “me day,” because let’s be serious, self-care is something we all deserve to take advantage of. The area is filled with delicious restaurants and shopping opportunities outside the Mile Square and Esther recommends visiting SEAK, which features amazing Southeast Asian food and great views. Or for a quick meal, the food court at the Mitsuwa Marketplace is the perfect place for some delicious, authentic ramen. You can also do some shopping at City Place at the Promenade, or the nearby TJ Maxx {which has The Runway} and Target.

Our Experience at  Hudson Beauty Bar

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 During our recent visit to Hudson Beauty Bar we tried out the lash tint and lift. The entire experience took about an hour and was 100% painless. Esther explained each step of the service with confidence, putting any reservations at ease. The results were instantaneous as we noticed the lift immediately upon looking in the mirror. Being able to ditch our eyelash curler for the next four to six weeks is music to our ears and we will definitely be making visits to Hudson Beauty Bar as part of our self-love-and-care routine.

If you’re interested in visiting Hudson Beauty Bar, be sure to book your appointment today and visit their website and Instagram @hudsonbeautybar for more details, photos, and information.

Have you been to Hudson Beauty Bar yet? Let us know in the comments!

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