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Introducing Anand: Hudson Bachelor of the Week

by Michele
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If you’re looking for a little balance in your life, then we’re happy to introduce you to this month’s Hudson Bachelor. A wellness spa owner in Jersey City and student of life who loves dogs + Mexican food, Anand is sure to make you feel like you’re floating… literally. {But try not to be intimidated by his celebrity crush.} We’re happy to bring you this month’s Hudson Bachelor: Anand of om.life wellness spa in Jersey City.

The Basics

Name: Anand Sukhadia. I go by Anand or AJ.

Lives in: Jersey City

Interested in: Women 

Age: 37

Height: 6’1”

How long have you lived in the area?: 10 years at the Beacon Condominiums. Looking to move to Liberty Harbor or Downtown.

Where did you grow up + go to school?: Staten Island + Brooklyn, NY {Don’t worry, I don’t have thaaaat accent 😉 }. I went to Poly Prep {Brooklyn, NY} for High School, and for undergrad, I went to Bentley University {Waltham, MA}. My greatest education is investing in my own self-development journey over the past 16 years… from reading anything on self-help, business, and spirituality that I could get my hands on. I also frequently attend seminars such as Tony Robbins, New Peaks, Landmark as well as participating in meditation and ayahuasca retreats. The school of life is where I’ve acquired most of my applied knowledge.

What do you do for work?: I have the greatest career in the world, as I am the Founder + Director at om.life Wellness Spa. We feature holistic modalities such as Floatation Therapy, Whole Body Cryotherapy, an Infrared Sauna, Normatec Dynamic Compression, and Kangen Water. All day long, I get to hang out with a vast array of incredible individuals. From executives, to professional athletes, to artists, and everyone in between. Our luxury wellness spa brings out the inner light in everyone, in a lot of unique experiences. There is no corporate BS or HR formalities; we get to have deep, one on one human connection. We always keep it real and treat others like our own family… because in fact, they are. I give and receive a LOT of hugs. I love seeing the post float glow shining out my clients’ eyes after they’ve just had a 90 minute flotation session, seeing them moving pain-free after a cryo session, and being wowed by how many toxins they sweat out during an infrared sauna. Everyone has such a unique story and I’m continually inspired by them. We just had an Olympic Gold Medalist Wrestler in the other day and I got to sit with her for a few hours learning about her journey. Coming from a family of healers, it’s always been my dream to create a holistic wellness center that bridges the gap between ancient knowledge and the latest and greatest technologies in health. This has become an amazing business and personal lifestyle for myself. We’re building a community of amazing people that are not only healing themselves mentally, physically and spiritually, but also creating that positive ripple effect in their own mini-universes. I believe this is how we affect change in this world… first by looking inwards, finding our light, and sharing it with every single being we encounter. And… it’s only been 2 months! om.life is just the beginning of much larger aspirations. As you can probably tell, I love my life.

Deeper Deets

What words best describe you?: Genuine. Grateful. Eternal Optimist.

Describe your perfect weekend: Head up to Wappinger’s Falls, NY to visionary artists Alex + Allison Grey’s Chapel Of Sacred Mirrors {cosm.org}. It’s like a toned down version of Burning Man, and so much fun as they do a monthly celebration with a large bonfire, dance performances, live artwork displays, and the people that attend are pretty amazing.  It’s a sanctuary of visionary art that was designed to inspire and evolve the creative spirit. The following day, go for a long hike and connect with the beauty in nature. After getting back into the city, we’d go check out a new restaurant and decide what we’d want to do from there.

Tell us about your ideal date: Honestly, I can have fun conversing on a park bench for hours in the afternoon, or enjoying a romantic evening at an art gallery with a candlelit dinner. It’s all about the vibe with the other person. I like to laugh, talk life, and be active. With a really awesome woman, I’d share my favorite hiking trail in the NJ Palisades and have lunch by a waterfall on the banks of the Hudson River.

Favorite Places Around Town

Happy Hour Spot: Pulling 16-hour days for the past two years and only now finally being open for a few months, it’s been a while since I’ve had a proper happy hour. Come spring time, I think the Hyatt House Rooftop or Surf City will be calling my name.

Place for dinner: I’m always looking to try new places, variety is important. I’m a fan of anything that nourishes my body and can make me feel more fueled up than wiped out. And I’m always down for Mexican {Baja in Hoboken, Orale, Taqueria} and Thai {Sky Thai}.

Best Italian: I grew up in Staten Island and Brooklyn with the best Italian restaurants outside of Italy, so I’m going to tread lightly on this question as I might not be allowed to re-enter when I visit my mom in SI. That being said, I’m a big fan of Pasta E Vino in Jersey City.

What do you wish would come to town?: I believe there’s a few in the works, but definitely more vegan and vegetarian restaurants in JC and Hoboken. I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life.

Bachelor Rapid Fire

Dogs or cats?: I’m a dog lover. I used to occasionally go outside to my building’s dog park and just play with other people’s dogs. When I have more time in the future, I’d love to get a French Bulldog, Pit or Husky pup. I’m allergic to cats, so I typically avoid them… sorry, cat ladies.

Uber or Lyft?: Whichever arrives quicker.

Adventure vacay or relaxing getaway?: I don’t prescribe to the “either-or” limitations in life, but rather choose the “and” option. I want to squeeze every last drop of juice I can squeeze out of life experiences. I’d chose a vacation that encompasses all of the above. Adventure sports {ie. Bungee jumping}, exploring ancient civilization ruins, indulging in luxury spas and hotels, meditative retreats, romantic dinners, and soaking up the sun, sand and ocean.

MDW and Labor Day: staycation or leave town?: I actually prefer the staycations during holiday times as there is something magical about how quiet it is in town. I typically like to take vacations during the off-peak seasons to avoid the mad rushes and long airport waits. Again, I don’t do things the “traditional” way.

Celeb crush: Gisele Bündchen, hands down. She is a goddess on every level of her being and possesses everything I desire in a partner: an intelligent wit, fantastically stunning beauty, a classy sexiness, she’s rooted in her spiritual power, maintains a balanced perspective, has a vast vision to create a better world, is an amazing mother, and she elevates Tom Brady to realms of success he couldn’t have done on his own. The most interesting thing I would imagine, is that even if she wasn’t in a relationship, she’d still be thriving. Yeah, she’s the total package as far as I can tell.

You’re stuck in an elevator. Who do you hope would be stuck in there with you? Who do you hope you’re never stuck with?Tony Robbins, Joe Rogan, Tim Ferriss.… they all have great minds, a diversity of interests, are not afraid to crush out of their comfort zones and live contrarian lifestyles… all traits that I strive for. Oh, and Larry David because he’s hands down the funniest man alive.

I’d like to avoid anyone that complains, focuses on the negative, or always plays the victim.

How can we get in touch?

ESP, message in a bottle carried by sea currents, or maybe even Instagram: @omlifewellness @anandsukhadia


Know a guy who’s between 26-42, lives in Hudson County, interested in men or women, and would make a great Hudson Bachelor — or are you that guy? Send us an email at hello@hobokengirl.com for a chance to be featured!


*Hoboken Girl speaks to and receives references for each of our Hudson Bachelors, however it is impossible for us to personally date all of them. We enjoy bringing you some of the good ones that are still on the market, but we do not guarantee happily ever afters. Always use your best judgment when reaching out to a Hudson Bachelor.

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