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Introducing Adam: Hudson Bachelor of the Month

by Michele
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Looking for this week’s #MCM? Lucky for you, the Mile Square and its surrounding areas are packed with totally worthy men to inspire a man crush. This time around, we’re bringing you Adam, who’s full of adventure, humor, and whose literal job it is to make you feel safe. Interested? You should be! Read on to learn more about Adam, our Hudson Bachelor of the Month:

^Adam, our bachelor, far right

The Basics

Name: Adam

Lives in: Hoboken

Interested in: Women

Age: 32

Height: 6’3”

How long have you lived in the area?: Only for 10 months, but I lived in the Heights for a year before that.

Where did you go to school?: In the great state of Connecticut, USA — at Quinnipiac.

What do you do for work: I am an Account Manager at a Commercial Security Company based in Manhattan. If your office needs a burglar alarm or your apartment needs CCTV Cameras or a fire system, I’m your guy. Other than that it’s pretty boring… except for the occasional movie-style heist attempt.

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Deeper Deets

What three words best describe you?: Empathetic, real, and challenging. Ha.

Describe your perfect weekend: First and foremost, some family time if I can swing it. My parents/sister live right in Montclair, so I’d go there for a few hours, or I’d night trip down to visit my grandparents in south Jers, or maybe my niece in DC. Those would be tops in my book. Weekend trips to visit friends or to experience new things get a mention as well. I’m a fan of the Hoboken/NYC area, but I really look forward to getting away as often as possible.

Tell us about your ideal date: Live events always win for me, but I’m also a huge fan of weekend day dates {beach trips, museums, parks, or just brunching and seeing where it goes}. Relaxing and making food/having drinks at home is always nice, too.

Favorite Places Around Town

Happy Hour Spot: My favorite after work plans always include live music, sports, or shows — so my favorite happy hour spot would be wherever we can have a few drinks/food before that. I couldn’t nail down just one, but if I HAD TO, Lutze in JC this summer has been pro.

Place for Dinner: I’m someone who likes to try something different every time I go out, so nailing down one here is tough. But I’d say Noches De Columbia, which just opened up a Heights location and also has one in my hometown of Montclair — crazy good South American food. Tacqueria JC for Mex deserves a mention for sure, as well.

Best Italian: Hahaha! I am nowhere near qualified to answer since I’ll eat any Italian, at any time of day and think it’s A+, so I’ll say Nauna’s Montclair just because I’ve been there the most.

What do you wish would come to the area?: A general sense of kindness/warmness between humans?? Just kidding — late-night burrito shops.

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Bachelor Rapid Fire:

Dogs or cats? Kangaroos

Uber or Lyft? Whichever’s closer/cheaper

Adventure vacay or relaxing vacay?:Yes to both.

Staycation or leave town? Get me out. If I think about home or work for 5 vminutes, I’ve failed my mission.

You’re stuck in an elevator. Who do you hope you’re stuck with? Who do you hope you’re never stuck with? Trump {I’m not an overly political person, but this is the immediate answer in my head}. I can’t even begin to imagine spending five minutes with him at this point, let alone being stuck in an elevator. The intense emotions I’d have to go through may be the only thing tougher to handle than him actually opening his mouth and speaking.

Contrast this to BO {we’re talking Barack, not body odor}, who would be my choice to get stuck with hands down — I could ask this man several hours of questions about his life, his opinions on society, the experience of being president, what his future plans are, what the party’s future plans need to be… it goes on. Chances are, it’d be me breaking the elevator to make this happen. Can you go to prison for locking someone in an elevator?

Get in touch with Adam via Instagram: @adammerrick24


Know a guy who’s between 26-42, lives in Hudson County, interested in men or women, and would make a great Hudson Bachelor — or are you that guy? Send us an email at hello@hobokengirl.com for a chance to be featured!

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