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11 Hoboken Holiday Sweets To Grab Last-Minute In The Mile Square

by Tamara
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One thing is certain: ‘Tis the season for procrastination. Luckily, we’ve found some super sweet places right in the Mile Square to pick up dessert for your holidays — right at the buzzer. From gingerbread houses to macarons and cookies you can get for those midnight munchies, there’s some sugar to go around for everyone. Below, 11 places to satisfy your sweet tooth when you just don’t feel like turning on the oven {PS: opening/closing times may vary, so call ahead}. Enjoy!

Sweet Hoboken {343 Garden Street}



From these frosted masterpieces {centerpieces for just $15!!} to seriously to some decked out cookies featuring mickey mouse, santa and champagne, Sweet Hoboken is your go-to destination {and winner of best sweets shop in Hoboken!} for some ‘grammable treats that your followers will have to double tap on.

Hudson Cakery {1816 Willow Ave. Weehawken}



Macarons are one thing, but snowman-decorated ones?! It doesn’t get much cuter.

Baking Mama {88 Hudson Street}


Fool your friends and family with these homemade gingerbread, which’ll look like you just made them from scratch! OK, tell them where you actually got them because you’ll be doing this tasty local business a huge favor <3 Baking Mama also has plenty of other holiday treats to grab when you’re on the go, so make sure to pay them a visit {plus mention Hoboken Girl and get 12% off your order!}.

But-A-Cake {Downtown Jersey City}


This isn’t your average “cupcake.” Instead, But-A-Cake whips up cake in a cup, like these ones above from our Holiday Sweets Soirée, because spooning cake in your mouth is truly the way to do it.

Jaret’s Stuffed Cupcakes {1401 Hudson Street}



When you want to make your sweets the main decor at your holiday celebration, Jaret’s Stuffed Cupcakes is most likely the answer. Uou can have a wreath-shaped cupcake masterpiece like this one — or even a candy cane-shaped cupcake CAKE. So festive.

Om Sweet Home {Multiple Locations}



This gluten-free wreath dessert looks wayyyy too good to eat, but we promise you won’t be able to resist digging in right away — especially when you find out that all of Om Sweet Home’s goodies are gluten-free AND vegan!

Insomnia Cookies {56 Newark Street}



Christmas wouldn’t be complete with Santa’s favorite late-night snack — COOKIES! And with Insomnia Cookies, you can get your hands on some ooey-gooey goodness no matter what time it is. Yes, please.

Carlo’s Bakery {95 Washington Street}



Known for its decadent fondant cakes, you’ll be excited to know that Carlo’s also carries delicious lobster rolls and cannolis. Tip: Opt for the chocolate shell cannolis, and don’t ever look back — because with your Hoboken ID you can completely skip the line. #welcome.

Sugar Suckle {Custom Orders}



“Taste the sweet life” with these itty-bitty sweater sugar cookies — that are pretty much the cutest thing since that old ugly sweater you pulled out of the Salvo racks. These are the PERFECT addition to your holiday table!

Halifax {225 River Street}



Betcha Halifax didn’t come to mind when it comes to dessert spots! A Hoboken dinner favorite, Halifax also serves up some delectable desserts that you can take home with you after that delicious meal, custom-made by

Giorgio’s Pasticceria {1112 Washington Street}



Last but definitely not least — and JUST when you thought you wouldn’t be able to find a more quintessential Italian bakery open on Christmas Eve, you stumble across Giorgio’s uptown. The line on Christmas Eve is worth it — promise. Opt for the almond cookies, rum truffles, lobster rolls, minis, and of course — cannolis. It doesn’t get more Italian than Giorgio’s.

Just a few of our favorite sweets spots — which one is yours?

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