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­­The 30-Day Hoboken Wellness Crawl – Is It Worth It? A Reader Shares Her Experience

by Diana Cooper
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Reader Diana wrote a piece and submitted it to us on how she felt about the wellness crawl being 30 days instead of 1 day. Here’s what she had to say:

hoboken wellness crawl reader experience

{Photo credit: @shakabowl} ^ Vegan Funfetti Cookie

Let me start by saying a ticket for the Hoboken Wellness Crawl was the best $29.29 purchase I’ve made during the pandemic. If you live in Jersey City/Hoboken you know that that’s basically the price for just ONE fitness class. So far I’ve taken FOUR classes and have my schedule all set for the coming week to take seven more. My favorite deal by far has been with Cyclebar Hoboken. By registering for the first time on their website, you automatically receive one free class.

cycle bar hoboken

{Photo credit: @cyclebarhoboken}

Through the crawl, you are able to then receive six additional free classes {total’s worth for seven drop-in classes alone is $189!}. What I love about Cyclebar is that it’s indoor and it’s safe. There are only 10 bikes per class, and a face shield must be worn —but don’t worry, you can still easily breathe with it on. The heart-pumping music and cool lights that are used during the class make it more fun and overall make you feel like you are in a nightclub.

On the crawl, there are a ton of amazing local food deals. Before participating in this crawl, I had only heard of Playa Bowls, not Shaka Bowl, Proven Poke, Alfalfa, or Quality Greens. The free vegan, gluten-free baked goods the crawl is offering is worth the visit to Shaka Bowl, not to mention their delicious smoothies and bowls. They have a variety to choose from such as vegan chocolate chip cookies and vegan funfetti cookies. I went with the banana chocolate chip, which has 20g of protein!

quality greens kitchen

{Photo credit: @qualitygreenskitchen}

On the same foodie level, I got my free buffin at Busy Bee Organics on Palisade Avenue in Jersey City. Buffins {aka protein muffins}, as I learned, are made with shredded zucchini and have 5g of fiber as well as a slew of protein.

Because the Hoboken Wellness Crawl is a hybrid virtual 30-day event this year, it’s allowed participants to actually sit down and look up the businesses, take time to see what deals are a good fit for one’s wants and needs, and plan ahead of time when to take a class, visit a business, or simply shop online. {Side note: If you haven’t already, I would recommend checking out the Hoboken Girl’s online shop where you can use the 25 percent off apparel deal. I was really excited about this because I’ve lived in Jersey City for six-and-a-half years and embarrassingly enough never purchased an item that has “Jersey City” on it}.

vida flo hoboken

{Photo credit: @vidaflohoboken}

All in all, now is the time for you to try something new (like the free B-Complex injection at Vida-Flo, worth $70), take advantage of a free class at a place you’ve never tried before {I tried MESS Method and now want to sign up for an unlimited week} or schedule an intro session on the phone or visit a healthcare provider you might not know you need until you go. I spoke to Gia from Gia’s Health Coaching and it basically turned into a therapy session, which I ended up really needing!

With a little less than a few weeks away until the crawl ends on October 13th, purchase an all-access pass if you haven’t already {sale ends September 30th — so just a day away!}, and don’t forget to enter to win more giveaways through the JackRaffit app as well as partake in the scavenger hunt and 30-day challenge. Trust me, the crawl is worth it for your health, mind, and body, and of course, the $25- so far, a month well spent.

Purchase an all-access pass here.


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