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Hoboken Style: The Frayed Knot {Vintage & Reupholstering}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Upon entering Hoboken from the Newark Street/Observer Highway/Jersey City side, you’ve probably been too preoccupied with cursing the traffic into Hoboken to stop and smell the roses, so I’m tell you what you’re missing. If you’re a bit more observant, you may have noticed a small building with an eclectic array of furniture on its “front lawn.” FYI, you are not entering an area filled with random furniture on front porches; because if you look more closely, you’ll probably see this sign:

Frayed Knot 10

The Frayed Knot is a small, unique Hoboken store filled with antique treasures, vintage and mid century furnishings, local artists works, project pieces, and unique finds. If you haven’t heard of it, chances you don’t watch the show, Storage Wars New York, on A&E {which the owners have been featured on numerous times!}.

Established by Thad Eaton and Chris Morelli {who live in Hoboken as well as run a business here}, The Frayed Knot restores pieces and offers artisinal upholstery services. The two also have an in house fabric library and create custom crafted reclaimed wood furniture. They sell everything from reupholstered vintage pieces {with a modern flair} to old school coke bottles to a horse saddle display piece to cowhide rugs. I mean, everything.

Exhibits A-E:

Frayed Knot 1

A saddle. Obviously.

Frayed Knot 2

Refurbished Table with drawers.

Frayed Knot 3

Dresser from 1910 — updated with Faux Crocodile Belly. I mean, this. is. AMAZING.

Frayed Knot 5

Vintage Necklaces and Headbands

Frayed Knot 6

I die. So gorgeous & unique.

Now I told you about the coke bottles, and I wasn’t kidding:

Frayed Knot 7

I just absolutely love walking around this store — true to a vintage shop, you always feel like you’ll turn the corner, turn back around, and find something new where you were just looking. The only difference is that Tad & Chris put their own design spin on some of their items, coining them, “A Frayed Knot Original.” 

Frayed Knot 9

Who DOESN’T need a sultry red ornate & vintage dresser? Yes, I know that was a ton of adjectives. But it was needed.

A little history about the actual building: The Frayed Knot was once part of the old Windsor Wax Company and more recently stabled the Hoboken police horses. Unfortunately, during Hurricane Sandy, much of the Frayed Knot was washed away. Many pieces of furniture that had been redesigned and upcycled were lost. We’re happy to say that The Frayed Knot has recovered {and then some!} from the horrors of Sandy, but it’s so important to shop local.

When I visited, Tad was extremely friendly and showed me around the shop — I even got to take a look in the back where they refurbish and upcycle all of their originals. Such a treasure in Hoboken that is a bit off the beaten path. Parking isn’t great{i.e. there is pretty much none — so plan on parking and walking a few blocks}. Regardless, totally worth it. After all, uniqueness is the ultimate luxury. Make sure to pay Tad & Chris a visit very soon!


Have you been to the Frayed Knot {or seen it on TV}? What did you think?

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