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Hoboken Student Creates Pride Artwork for Hoboken City Hall

by Arielle Witter
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Hoboken kicked off its official Pride Week this past week. But for one Mile Square student, the week of festivities needed some LGBTQ+ positive artwork to complement it. That’s why  Zoe Wojinicki took matters into her own hands and created a Pride-themed work for Hoboken City Hall. Keep reading to learn all about how this one Hoboken student created + donated her own LGBTQ+ positive artwork to City Hall. 

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About Zoe

Zoe is currently a student at Hoboken’s All Saints School and a local resident. As part of her very own Helping Hearts Project, she created a piece of art that displays a number of hearts on a rainbow background. The top of her work reads, “Hoboken [heart]’s LGBTQ+” in, of course, rainbow lettering. The motivation behind the work was to support all of Hoboken’s LGBTQ+ efforts.

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Her Artwork and City Hall 

Of course, Zoe’s pride-positive piece of art didn’t go unnoticed. Her creation came at a very fitting time, as it is officially Hoboken {+ JC} Pride Week {which kicked off earlier this week}. Mayor Bhalla took notice and tweeted about her work. Zoe donated her piece to City Hall to be put on display {perfect Pride Week timing, naturally}.

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Of the work, Mayor Bhalla tweeted his pride and gratefulness to have such a young member of the Hoboken community doing something so inclusive and supportive. He wrote:

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“Thank you to local resident & student Zoe Wojnicki for donating her wonderful artwork to display in City Hall! Her Helping Hearts project was created to help support Hoboken’s inclusive LGBTQ+ efforts [rainbow emoji] Very proud of her message of equality: ‘all of us are loved.'”

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Other Acts of Kindness in Hoboken

This, of course, isn’t the first time a young Hoboken resident has supported the community. Last month, Hoboken fourth-grader, Keira, raised over $1,000 for the Hoboken Shelter. As a student at the Elysian Charter School, Keira learned about the shelter in the classroom but took her knowledge to make a difference outside of it.

Back in January, twins Riley and Rose stepped in to take over their brother’s hot chocolate stand. That day, the girls raised $83 in just three hours, which they, too, donated to the Hoboken Shelter.

The Mile Square has a clear history of its younger residents participating in random acts of kindness, giving back to the community, supporting Hoboken’s diversity, and so much more.

Zoe, excellent job on your work of art and we’re big fans of your support of the Hoboken LGBTQ+ community + beyond.

PS: Readers can see Zoe’s masterpiece over at City Hall located at 94 Washington Street.

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