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3 *Adorable* Hoboken Proposal Stories {Saiju + Deepen, Caroline + Greg, and Alisa + Shane}

by Michele
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Proposals often take a lot of planning… a lot. Sometimes there’s a surprise involved, sometimes friends and family members come out, and sometimes — since the one being asked doesn’t realize a surprise plan is in the progress — a bride-to-be can almost ruin the proposal! Here are three stories of Hoboken couples {Saiju + Deepen, Caroline + Greg, and Alisa + Shane}, whose guys went above and beyond to make their engagement day special, and the women who made it just a little tougher on their soon-to-be groom.

Saiju + Deepen

“Deepen told me that we were going to go watch a private viewing of The Lion King on Broadway in Manhattan. I knew something was up since he told me the showing was at 10:00PM and the last show for most Broadway shows is 8:00PM. We went out to Illuzion on Washington Street for dinner {later, he told me he didn’t want to take me to a really fancy place because he didn’t want me to catch on [Editor’s note: If your significant other is taking you to a private viewing of the Lion King, SOMETHING’s up…]. The whole time Deepen was fidgeting while sitting there and constantly looking at his phone. He told me his cousin was texting him for some reason and me, being the gullible person I am, believed it.

Dinner ended earlier than he must have expected, so I suggested to go to the city early, but he said that he didn’t want to and wanted to take a walk around Hoboken, then go to the pier before going into Manhattan. We ended up taking a REALLY LONG walk all the way uptown from Illuzion {the whole time he was looking at his phone and texting someone}. After getting to about 13th street, he said we should walk back to the pier, meanwhile, I am in heels and complaining how I don’t want to walk anymore, and if we were so early, then we may as well have just gone back home before going to the city. He was essentially dragging me to the pier at this point because I was so miserable – we made it there and then I see this big crowd surrounding a heart made out of candles and a guitarist. I thought it was someone else’s proposal so I said we should wait and watch the person’s proposal. At which point, Deepen said why don’t we walk in and we walked into the heart, there were flowers in the middle and the guitarist started to sing “All of Me” by John Legend. Then, he got down on one knee with the sun setting behind us overlooking the Freedom Tower from Hoboken. After he proposed and I said yes, and was crying my eyes out, he told me to turn around and when I did, it was my best friend right there videoing the whole thing for me!”  — Saiju

Caroline + Greg

“My now fiancé and I moved in together last April and became engaged this past November. We are getting married on December second of this year — it’s so close!

We had “plans” to meet up with Greg’s sister and brother in law in Hoboken on Friday. November 25th, because we didn’t get to see them on Thanksgiving and they wouldn’t be attending his family birthday celebrations that weekend {his bday is December 1st}. The compromise was that they would take him out in Hoboken the Friday after Thanksgiving to celebrate and spend time with us. Knowing that I might not love the idea of going from our apartment in Hoboken to my parents house for Thanksgiving then back to Hoboken, Greg knew he had to come up with this lie to have me agree to coming back to town where he wanted to propose. He knew involving his sister and the prospect of seeing her new twin babies was something I’d never say no to. We made a reservation at McCloone’s [rip!] {a great idea because he knew I’d be mad if I looked terrible and underdressed when the proposal happened} and arrived by the water. Greg said his sister and brother-in-law took the babies for a walk by the water because they got there earlier. He suggested we go meet them and head to the restaurant together. I’m not sure why I didn’t question this and say we should just head to the restaurant right away. We walked and stopped right by the water with the best view of the city, which is where Greg wanted to pop the question.

To this day, I ask him to tell me exactly what he said because I know it was adorable, but I blacked out! I started to cry and asked — wait is something happening? — because I was getting emotional, but if he wasn’t actually proposing it would be super embarrassing. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him {with the most perfect radiant cut ring}. Lucky for us, a couple was walking by and took our picture right after it happened and I will treasure that photo always. I was so overwhelmed and surprised we started walking to McCloones and I figured we were still just grabbing lunch. Sure enough, we walked in and all our friends and family were there waiting to surprise me and celebrate us. It was one of the best days ever. My family however, says although it was the best day ever, it was the worst Thanksgiving ever because they were so tense the whole time knowing what was happening the next day. They were all so afraid they would slip up.” —Caroline


Alisa + Shane

“It was Friday March 21st, three days after my birthday. Shane was taking me out to Augustinos, my favorite restaurant, around the corner from our apartment for dinner. I was thrilled about this, but I couldn’t wait to get home to clean as I was expecting my friends the following morning to see our new apartment.

We started the night off with a walk downtown to shop for a bit. We made it to Augustinos in time to have a fabulous dinner. After our meal, I of course wanted dessert and Shane of course did not. So I ordered the tartufo and could tell he was a little… out of sorts. I asked him why he was so antsy, he said, “I don’t know, we don’t need dessert, let’s get it to go.” I said, “Yes we do need dessert, it’s my birthday dinner! Besides, whats the rush? Are you going to propose to me or something?” He sat there, wide eyed, smiling. He shook his head “yes” and we both laughed, as we always do when I jokingly asked that question. I went back to eating my tartufo and thinking about cleaning.

On our short walk home I was texting my sister about how much I ate, what we ordered and how good it was. That’s the usual after an Augustinos meal — you brag about it, that’s just what you do. We got to our apartment and Shane let me walk up first. I unlocked the door, and from this moment on everything gets a little fuzzy…

I pushed the door open and I gasped. Literally, I gasped. Out loud. I saw tons of red roses with stems longer than I have ever seen before. There were so many candles that even though all the lights were off, I could still see everything in the room so clearly. Pictures of Shane and me in picture frames were sitting on the tables, along with a bottle of Vueve Clicquot chilled in an ice bucket, rose petals covering the couch, floor, tables, and all along the fire place. My heart stopped. It didn’t skip a beat, it stopped. I was so confused, all I could think/say was, ‘Is this for my birthday? Is someone going to jump out at me? Is this a trick? Who did this? My mom did this, where is she?’ While asking my 21 questions, Shane put our song on and put my hand against his chest. This is when I realized that this was not for my birthday at all. I could feel his heart beating so fast. He told me he had a surprise. He pulled out a book that he had made. It was pictures of us from the last seven years — vacations, parties, college, holidays — and when I got to the last page I saw a picture of two gold wedding bands, interlocked. I said, ‘Shaaaanne what are you doing?’ He lead me to the table where the champagne was with more candles and roses and pictures. He got on one knee and said words that I think both of us can feel when we think about the moment, but not put into words when we try to explain it. He finished with, ‘Will you marry me?’

There were lots of tears, lots of hugging and lots of laughing within that two, five, maybe ten minutes, who knows. It’s such a blur. After I shakily said, ‘Yes,’ he gave me the ring. {Well, he dropped it first then he gave it to me.} He told me our families were waiting around the corner. So, I cried even more and called my parents. Both of our families had been waiting at a nearby bar {Turtle Club} and walked up to our apartment to celebrate with us {more tears, more hugs and more laughing…}

My mom broke out the secret stash of cheese and crackers, cupcakes, wine, and more champagne and the party had begun with just our families in our little apartment, on the corner of 11th and Garden. That night, we celebrated what will probably be one of the most memorable nights of our lives. It was a moment between Shane and myself that we will never forget.

And yes, btw. My mom and sister decorated the apartment while we were at dinner. He told me he had decorated when he excused himself from the table at dinner to go use the restroom, and I thought to myself, “he wasn’t in the bathroom for THAT long.” Then I realized that just wasn’t true at all, and someone had to have helped. I found every detail was Shane’s idea, my mom just followed his lead.

Our engagement party was on the rooftop of Maxwell’s building overlooking the Hudson River. We were married on November 14th at the Park Savoy Estate in Florham Park, NJ. It was all I could have dreamed of, and more.” — Alisa


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