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How Living in Hoboken in Your 30s vs. 20s is VERY Different {As Told in GIFS}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Even though the cast of Jersey Shore has gotten older, it seems they’re still up to the same old tricks — GTL, drinking, partying {albeit with a few children/marriages in the mix}. Even though not much has changed, it got us thinking about life in the Mile Square. Specifically: What is different living in Hoboken in your 20s versus your 30s? You know, the simpler times when there was a Clinton Social, four Charrito’s to choose from, hangovers only lasted 4-6 hours, and açai bowls were something you only found down the shore {not complaining about these smoothie upgrades y’all}. But if you’ve been here since your 20s and are now in your 30s [or 40s], you’ll probably find the below pretty relatable.

Here is how living in Hoboken in your 30s versus 20s changes, as told by Jersey Shore GIFs {and special thanks to our readers + some of our team for their input!}.


Going to the bar on a Saturday during the day is usually is spelled “Barre.”


You now go out for quality cocktails that actually taste good {rather than just cheap ones to get sh*tfaced}.


You meet up with friends at Pier 13 and several of them may or may not have a stroller in tow {and definitely a dog}.


A lot of your friends have moved to the burbs.


You actually stay in Hoboken on summer weekends and enjoy the peace and quiet. Manasquan/Belmar crazy weekends are a thing of the past.


Santacon and Leprecon are marked on your calendar to avoid Hoboken at all costs.


11PM is now last call — instead of time to call the cab to go out.


Staying in with a book, candle, and a bath on a Friday night is a serious luxury rather than a lame night at home.

Grocery shopping is something that is looked forward to on the weekend. And you’re totally okay with setting an alarm so you can beat the Sunday shopping line.


You know that there’s such a thing as a Maserati-equivalent of a stroller.


Eating pizza late at night comes with repercussions {read: stomach bloat}.

Getting a round of shots is now usually discussed in reference to a doctor’s visit rather than a bar.

Beach trip prep includes a spray tan, SPF 100 sunscreen, and an umbrella because wrinkles are real.

Ubering in and out of the city isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity at least one way {or else the NYC visit most likely isn’t happening}.


Uptown has a more chill vibe and is where you’re more likely to be found on a night out in Hoboken. But chances are you are out for dinner and drinks in Jersey City, trying out a new spot.



Girls night is always planned at least a month in advance and is a big deal. Blowouts-and-nails-did big deal.


No matter what decade you’re in, there are pros and cons to all of ’em.

What would you add to this? Share in the comments!



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