The Date of the Ice Skating Rink Coming to Hoboken—ANNOUNCED!

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If you follow HG on Facebook {and keep up with our Hoboken News updates on Sundays}, then you already know — an ice skating rink is coming to Hoboken {NoHo to be exact [that’s North Hoboken for all those who aren’t hip to the lingo yet]}. WOOOOP WOOOOP!


The mayor has confirmed it, and the rink, known as “Harlow Winter Village,” opens with a celebration on December 22nd at 3:30pm and will last until February 28, 2017 {so about 2+ months}. Located between Grand and Adams’ streets, the rink and winter village will be open daily — operating from 9:00am to 10:00pm, which will be fun for kids + adults alike. Admission is free, and skates are available for rental for $10. Add this to the list of fun stuff happening in NoHo: Trader Joe’s, West Elm, and now ice skating. We’ll share more details when we have them, but for now, you better be practicing your triple axles.

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