Hoboken Happy Hours: 6 Hoboken New Year’s {Drinking} Resolutions

Wow! What a year it has been. All of us at Hoboken Happy Hours would like to send our deepest thanks to Jen and all the awesome things she is doing at Hoboken Girl and allowing us to come on here once a week to share our antics with all of you. We wanted to spice up this week’s post a bit and come out with 6 New Year’s drinking resolutions for all of us in and around Hoboken!

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1) Drink on a Rooftop

We touched on this a bit in what we were thankful for in Hoboken in our Hoboken Girl Thanksgiving post, but let’s be serious, there’s nothing better than drinking outside and definitely nothing better than drinking outside on a rooftop with a view of the Big Apple. There are multiple rooftops in Hoboken, but we really can’t wait for The Dubliner’s rooftop to open. Not to say we still don’t have plenty of fun at The Dubliner in the winter time.


2) Win Trivia Night

We all love trivia, but we also know it is so much sweeter to win it all and (usually) get an awesome prize in the process. You’ll have 52 chances to win in 2015 if you go every Tuesday to McSwiggan’s. They give out generous gift cards to make your tab that much smaller!


3) Play Shuffleboard

There are three shuffleboard tables in Hoboken, but our favorite is the one at The Ale House. Not only is the quality of the board great, but the bar itself tickles our fancy with free popcorn, free pool, and free darts (when you’re not playing shuffleboard, of course).

4) Become a Brunch Connoisseur

Hoboken crushes the brunch scene, as I’m sure is clear to you from seeing the awesome posts and photos on Hoboken Girl (including yesterday’s). We love champagne with a splash of OJ before the clock strikes noon and happen to find ourselves at the same locations, but we promise to mix it up and try new places in 2015.


5) Try a New Drink

Get rid of your go-to wine or cocktail for a whole night and try something new. Take it easy though, as you and I both know, some people can handle some liquors better than others. Tequila? No thanks. Jack Daniel’s? Yes please.

6) Join Hoboken Happy Hours at One of Our Events

Shameless promotion here, but we want to meet you and hear about your drinking extravaganzas in and around Hoboken! If you were not able to make it to our “Shots For Tots” Bar Crawl on Dec. 20th, we plan to have another bar crawl to kick off the summer, not to mention other regular Hoboken events, so stay tuned!

Cheers to a great 2014 and an even better 2015! Stay safe on Wednesday night!

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