Hoboken Green Day 2014 Recap {Since It Has About 12 Different Names}

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If you’re from outside of Hoboken and are in your 20s or 30s{?!}, chances are you made the pilgrimage yesterday to the Land of the Green…Rock. Green people were out in droves all around Hoboken for the annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Like last year, there was no parade, however – that didn’t stop most from coming out and drinking and wearing lots of green things. In fact, look up the hashtag #Hoboken on Instagram right now, you’ll see a lot of this:

photo 2-3


If you missed the fun {or just fled town to make sure you didn’t get caught in the crossfire}, here’s a bit more of what you missed:

 photo 3-5

Even with snow on the ground, girls still rocked the green car ride selfies and shot glass displays:

photo 5-7

photo 5

Favorite of the bunch:

photo 4-1

Mustaches make everything better. For realz.

photo 5-4

Now of course on a day such as St. Patrick’s Day, you must eat some carbs. Green ones, most likely.

photo 3


photo 4-6

Drinking starts early. So you’ll need some green paraphernalia. 

photo 1-3

photo 1

Green mosas, etc. Or, if you’re a little more health-conscious, a green drink {or wheatgrass}. HG Approved.

photo 4-2

Pop-up shops for green attire adorn the streets…

photo 4-3

…just in case you forgot to match your boyfriend’s pants.


photo 1-2

Now there ^ is a sight to see, a couple that ISN’T having a blowout fight in the streets.

Kudos, you two!

photo 3-2

More green. This ^ one is Pierre-Approved.

photo 2-5

Lots of bars, packed to the gills.

photo 5-3

Even Scotland Yard celebrated. Irony?

photo 3-3

Of course, it’s not a celebration in Hoboken without a Batman sighting:

photo 3-4

Even though I’m half-Irish, I never remember St. Patrick being this scary:

photo 4-5

Speaking of scary, around 6pm, it’s best you stay in your houses. #WitchingHour

photo 2-6

The firemen agree.

photo 2-7

Unfortunately, some cannot escape the doom:





Well, what can we say — nothing else to see here! It’s like you were there…all from the comfort of your own home.

Did you partake in the Hoboken festivities? Where did you go? 

Happy Sunday! 

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